Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Morning!

We finally gave up on Dad getting up and dug into our stockings. That's one of the nice things about not observing holidays in a traditional traditions! Bahahah! Dad was probably extry tired from kicking all of our butts at Cards Against Humanity. Dammit.
Yesssss! New SmartWool for me!!
 He FINALLY got up. Jeez. Something about the lighting/exposure color of our kitchen looks like this pic was taken in about 1974. OK, our kitchen in 1974 was just about this color, now that I think of it. Hmm. Dad didn't want to exchange gifts, but i bought him a bunch of consumables under the guise that he needed to have provisions in the truck for the drive across the high desert. Safety first!
Sister got me these tiny white birdie salt and pepper shakers! She didn't mean to, but i love them anyway.
 NephewGifts! A scarf for the aunt, a sweatshirt for the uncle. Solid gifts.
 A tiny gift from Kelly. No, really, it was a book only about an inch big. I love it. stop by, i'll show it to you.
A banjo-lele for my husband! And a big ol Christmas mess! Yaaaay!
And no rules. It was just lovely. :)

Christmas Eve Seafood Fest!

See that posted on date? Yeah, it says January, dammit.

Christmas eve festivities! Dad wasn't going to stay through a holiday he's not all that into "celebrating," but when he heard we were off to a combination Seafood Festival and Cards Against Humanity challenge, he asked what color sweatshirt would be most appropriate for this fine event. The resident librarian went with a classy green.
Our host and hostess hoisted a bunch of these bad boys from the Pacific themselves and froze them for our enjoyment! So generous of them to share their crab...
 ...and their cozy home!
Me and Dad. BIG cat people. I think I was about to lose an eye. Steal souls and all.
This was as close to a group shot as I got in the flurry to get the little people fed and get ourselves served up. Everyone is technically represented except Mr. Green Sweatshirt.
Later, said little people entertained us while we enjoyed our decaf and homemade holiday moon pies.
There is usually a performance of some sort when these girls get together, it makes me giggle. Course in my day, the focus would have been on costumes and makeup instead of lines and dance numbers. ;)