Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beanie Mac Day!

Monday was also Beanie Mac Day! Beanie passed away two years ago, but Monday was his date of birth.

Beanie was sweet, soft, loyal, loving, and endearing. All his vet techs would say "Mister Beans...? Oh I love Mister Beans...he's so soft!!" He was also a pushy, opinionated arrogant little ass.

To celebrate Beanie Mac Day, we were all surly and aggressive toward each other, demanding things of each other and insisting we be obeyed.

Happy Beanie Mac Day to you...Damn it!! Do as I say!! I insist!!

Further Adventures in Rhubarb!

As rhubarb is the only thing I've ever grown...well, maybe "acquired and not killed" is probably closer...I must post further adventures with this spectacular ornamental vegetable.

I chopped a bunch of it up and boiled it with water and a little sugar...Voila! Rhubarb simple syrup!! With which I made rhubarbtinis!!

I can't take credit for this recipe tho. Follow the link for directions if you see this recipe in your future. :) Such a pretty pink!

Good Solid Americans

In honor of Memorial Day, we did what all honest Americans should have at least considered...we barbecued!!

But alas...our barbecue hath rusted through...it's the one we got with wedding gift cards 9 years ago. We stored it inside at our first floor apartment in NW Portland. When we moved and rolled it out to the truck the landlady (and owner) asked, "Wow...can you really barbecue indoors?" Yeah no.
If you peer through the still life with chicken, you will spy Mister N putting the new replacement together. It took a loooong time.

Ta-da! Shiny metally new grill!

Then we promptly did a test run...perfectly grilled!

Before...and After!

Here are the befores of the ridiculous dividing wall which I hated.

And here are the afters!! We moved the living room from the "little room" into the now spacious big room, and put the dining room in the little room.

Pay you no nevermind to our cruddy hold-over Craigslist furniture...just have to get that tile ripped out and hello new furniture!!

Demolition Man...and Woman...

This past weekend's project: tackle that blasted wall just as you walk into the house. We've spent hours debating it with everyone who comes to the house...it's god-awful, and totally cuts the room in half.

Aesthetically, it must go. But...is it load-bearing? Is it a structural support? Will our house fall down if we remove it?

In fact, its the first thing I said after I walked in the front door when we first toured the house: "Can this wall come down?"

Turns out with a couple of crowbars, a couple of hammers, a couple (us), and a Sawz-all, the answer was yep, it can come down...and nope, it's not structural. Hooray! So long stupid dividing wall!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stacey's Visit...Part Deux!

The next day we all slept until like 10 a.m....imagine the luxury! We had coffee and quiet magazine time in our jammies. OK, and I did a little homework too.

After a bit we cleaned up and put on some goin'-out threads for a wee tour of Lucky Peak Reservoir, then off to survey Boise's night life...despite Stacey's very painfully injured foot, which must remain booted nearly all the time.
Who isn't down with pupus and drinks at The Reef!?!

We had the continuing good luck of running into both prom kids (to the right of Stacey) AND a wedding at Berryhill, where we dined...and made asses of ourselves with our three hot servers.

Then some SPECTACULAR music-listening and people-watching from the front window at Pengilly's. I'm not sure how Stacey and I were even allowed on the streets, as we weren't wearing the evening's uniform: cuffed white short shorts and stiletto pumps. Silly us.
The next morning, more sleeping in, more coffee, more quiet magazine time, and more sitting in the sun before we were off to breakfast and a quick shopping trip to acquire a new chapeau for Stace. Meow!

She seemed slightly more rested and relaxed upon dropping her at the airport.
Bonjour, our friend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Visit From Stacey!

Stacey was able to clear her calendar, find care for her brood, and hop a plane to come to Idaho for a weekend visit, some relaxation, and of course GABBING!!

After enjoying some sun on the deck, our tour guide drove us up to Bogus Basin to watch the sun go down.

Something was clearly very exciting, but I couldn't tell you what it was.

The sunset was spectacular! Plus we saw quail, deer, and a pack of wild cows.
In case you were wondering, there's still a little snow on Bogus.
Then home for "Big Salads," the Girl Party mainstay that is a magical plate of greens, goat cheese, basil, olives, grape tomatoes, and....bacon!!
Then we managed to stay up way too late...GABBING!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crazy Stretchin' Airport Dude

So we get all packed for our trip...get a taxi over to the airport...get a couple of coffees, find seats by our gate, and settle in to start enjoying our vacation.

After a bit this dude comes and puts his stuff down by us.

And then begins to stretch. Repeatedly.
Again and again....

Almost like we were living in a Saturday Night Live skit...

And turned us completely off our coffee.
"Really...? REALLY...?"

I'm a Wiener

Note the super cute poster on the t-shirt kiosk...

I'm a Wiener... ;)

The Fremont Street Experience

Saturday night we were off to Fremont Street for some "old Vegas"-style gambling, the light show, and some spectacular people-watching.

Hanging out trying to decide between deep fried Oreos, chocolate-dipped bananas, jumbo coney dogs, or deep fried Twinkies... ;) We actually got none, but the sure sounded good...

The music and light show on the ceiling was quite the spectacle.

Chris and I havin' street beers in front of La Bayou!

The Concert!!

The concert was Friday night and was STUPENDOUS! We took the tram over to the show at the MGM Grand. Jason Mraz opened, but didn't play nearly long enough for our liking.

We were so honored to be out with such a handsome couple. :)

My Kristin and I waiting for Jason and Dave to entertain us!

My Kristin enjoying the show!

One of the Best Dinners of my Life...

OK, these pictures are an amalgamation from two dinners, but capture my favorite parts from each.

Here are our dinner dates at Vic and Anthony's inside the Golden Nugget. Kristin and I had steak that was like butter. One of the best ever.
Ever since we cruised the Caribbean, Kristin and I always enjoy decaf together after dinner...with our own little French presses!

SUCH a good time out.

The hostess graciously seated us, and everyone put their napkins on their laps. Then she handed me a black napkin...I guess because I was wearing black pants? So fancy! I've been to some fancy places, but never been offered a color-coordinated napkin!

Vegas, Baby!

We were off to Laaaas Vegas last weekend to hang with Kristin and Chris, relax, and see the Dave Matthews concert, opened by Jason Mraz! The trip was AWESOME!

For the first time we stayed at Bally's, which was a comfy and centrally located...and we could actually see the Bellagio fountains from our room! And plus Caesar's. Which is REALLY huge. The first picture is a panorama I took from our room!

The awesome animatronic fire show at Caesar's still entertains.

My favorite cowboy returning from the pool. :)