Friday, May 17, 2013

Be! Our! Guest! Be Our Guest!

The traveling live Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast came to town! I love love love B&TB, so scrounged up a couple of little-girl "beards" so I could go incognito. We have a neighborhood full of angry, surly little boys, so it was nice to hang with little ladies for the afternoon. And big ladies too. And one husband. 
After breakfast out we hung out in the park, having coffee and enjoying the sun until the curtain. Poofy dresses and all.
Note to self: tell more innocuous secrets, it just looks fun, and makes people wonder what you are up to.
They all! Fall! Down!
One thing I didn't anticipate was the number of little Belles that were there.
A lot of little Belles.
We were in the Mezzanine, so at one point I calculated that there was at least a Belle per aisle for like 20 aisles.
Thanks for going gang!

Razring Afternoon

What's an ATV adventure without a little tailgate picnic? Turkey samiches and chips with homemade guac!
The Razr even has a little trunk...'cept in the front like the old VW Bugs.  :)
Mostly it was my opinion that it handles a lot like the Cooper. And if you've ever seen me round the corner of Front Street at 8:57 a.m., you'd know I push my vehicle's center of gravity limits.
When the boys went out I tooled around on my AWESOME mountain bike that I love that my husband built me. That I rode. Until I fell off. When my foot got caught in the pedal cage. And I landed on my elbow. Which was green and purple for a month. Pedal cages have since been removed. Thanks husband!
Hee hee!
And then, like we got it out of the truck...
Dad just drove it back in!
So much fun! Thanks for bringing the Razr over so we could go play with it, Dad! We appreciate it!!

Razring With Dad!

Soon after my in-laws came and went, Dad popped by too! So glad we are a pit stop for all these busy retirees!!

You wouldn't think this set-up would work, would you. It's quite the precise operation.
Off to off-road adventuring!
BIG fan of the ramps.
Just like driving lessons of so long ago!
With only room for two, one person was left to reflect by the brook.
Next up, the boys went out!
SNOW! GAH!!!! Rough terrain like this? No prob for the Razr.
 Then we went out! Yee haw!


Here we observe the giraffe in its native setting: Julia Davis Park.
Scratching his giraffe-self?
Nope. Pulling a Shawshank. Trying to eat his way out of the place pole by pole.
They really are fancifully designed.
The antenna-like noggin projections are actually bony horn-like appendages that are actually part of their skulls. Who knew!?
Sir, your head looks like a flying saucer.

Happy Spring!

Hooray for spring!
We had guests for Easter, though we don't really celebrate Easter per se, so I'm saying we celebrated spring's arrival!
We used the gloriously sunny day to walk downtown and to the park.
And to visit with the giraffes at the zoo.
The secret is the giraffes are so tall, you can visit them without going into the zoo. Not that i would be averse to going to the zoo necessarily, but not on a sunny Easter Sunday. No thank you.
Carolyn and her youngest.
Triumvirate of Gooses. Name of my new band.
And then, a walk back to the Chicken Ranch.
 For a lovely turkey dinner. Cheers!

Mexico 2013: So Long Mexico

And then, back to reality. No more tiny turtles for us.
Make grousy faces all the way to the airport...
These people expect me to carry money?! And pay for things?! Money? Coins? Legacy technology? What are we, animals? 
So long, Mexico! We'll see you again soon! xoxo

Mexico 2013: So Long, Resort!

But alas, week two had to come to an end too. Regretfully. No more palm trees.
Cutting up my own breakfast fruits? The horror.
Calculate how much additional tip to leave our coinage amounted to the equivalent of about 43 cents.
Repack our (new!) matching luggage.
Make sad faces until the bellhop arrives...
Take one last golf cart ride through the resort...
And watch that security gate go up one last time. :(