Friday, February 25, 2011

FFF: McCall Day 2

A coworker said "NINE women?!? Oh my. That does NOT sound fun." Hee hee! She was woefully wrong!
Self-portrait, with icicle.
There was just a bit of snow. Guess that explains those substantial posts.
Love this snow that had slid down the roof. Such a fun weekend!

FFF: McCall Day 1

Next up, the tropical shores of Mexico...NO! Heh! A quick trip up to McCall for the Winter Carnival, just the chicks! Here's the view from the Shore Lodge!

Abbey Road, McCall style.


YAY for bones!!

Somewhere along the way the lettuce regretfully met with its demise.

And even a fun fashion show. SO dramatic!

FFF: Portland and the Schnitz

After bidding the parents and the coast a fond farewell, off to Stumptown for Sister's Christmas gift: tix to the Sarah show!

I usually prefer redheads, ;) but my goodness, such a lovely date!

The Schnitzer is fabulous. In this pic is the box Sarah used to accept questions from the audience. I tried my dangedest to get sister to submit a question, but no go. So I submitted one. "If you could play with one musician no longer living, who would it be?" GUESS WHAT!! My question was picked!! Her answer: Jimi Hendrix. Not sure I believe that answer, a fun opportunity.
The stage was very Lilith-y, but lovely.
I'm not as good at this as my husband is. Short arms, I guess.
Such a fun show! xoxox!

FFF: Manzanita Beach Bench Take 2

Not to be outdone, Mom and I did our best to look like we were waiting for the bus too.
It's not easy looking that bored during a day at the beach. :)

FFF: Manzanita Beach Bench Take 1

I snapped this pic of sister and dad, and then, upon reviewing it, told them they looked like they were sitting in front of a rest home waiting for the bus.

That's more like it. :)

FFF: Sand and Sea

It was so lovely that we even stopped and hung out on the viewpoint. THE VIEWPOINT! It's the viewpoint from the awesome 1991 Tom Berenger movie "Shattered." 'Course I'm not telling you nuthin' you don't already know.
I would see a sea again real soon...
...but it wouldn't be nearly as chilly as this one.

FFF: Hug Point

See! We're all wearing sunglasses! At the Oregon Coast! IN JANUARY!
There wasn't much beach upon which to walk, so we mostly just took it in.
Tiny momma, on a big beach!
So lovely and peaceful!
You just can't put sister on the beach without expecting a little jiggity-jig.
Beachy. :)

FFF: Cannon Beach

During my fun trip to the coast the weather was GORGEOUS, so we all went into town for breakfast and beach time!
So nice to be on the beach!
Even when I make it down to the beach, I rarely make it to Cannon Beach. It looks foggy, but it was actually quite lovely!

Fabulous and Fun February!

Hello my lovelies! I've missed our meetings terribly. Sorry for the delay in posts, I've been quite busy jetting around the continent for most of's been awesome. First up on my itinerary: the Oregon Coast!
I know you want to see the Mexico pix...
But you know I'm nothing if not linear....
I am so lucky to have so many fun travels to shoot!! :)