Sunday, June 24, 2012

There's Somethin' 'Bout a Truck...

Ok, last steps of preparing NewTruck (also now sometimes referred to as "BigGreen") for proper service to our family...take one last look at the stock seats, we won't see 'em for a while.

Welcome new seatcovers! We had the same seatcovers on OldTruck for 9 years, and when we removed them, the seats looked brand new! I rarely use this space for commercial purposes, but we love this product so much! They are made of neoprene and are waterproof. Created in Hawai'i and customized for your make and model. Find them at "Okole" is Hawaiian for heiney. Hee hee!
They even account for covering the back pockets!

Perfect for getting in NewTruck when wet hunting...or partybarging...or swimming in reservoirs...or other wet-heineyed sports or adventures.
AND we replaced the crappy dealer tires and wheels that arrived with NewTruck. SO shiny! And guess what...not made of plastic... ACTUAL metal! A friend who lives up the road says he's nearly blinded by the shine when he comes down the hill in the morning. Hee hee!
We are ready for adventurin'!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prime Birthday Fun

Naw, they don't just give you a cycle pub and let you hit the town. You have a chaperone who steers, breaks, and stays with the bike while you are off exploring.
A row of ShelbyShots is one of the reasons they might not just hand you the...keys? the cycle. In order to make your itinerary, you have to be efficient at a couple of stops, no letting folks order blender drinks and having whatnote. Here's what you're having, enjoy.

And then there was dancing!


And we ended the evening with more dancing!

Happy birthday!  

Cycling Around Boise!

Cycling from pub to pub in honor of a 37th birthday? Seems like a prime way to have fun. I'm super in.

Hmm. Slightly more work than anticipated by some of my fellow riders...turns out...actual  pedaling. 

Integration with actual traffic.

No actual handlebars tho...

But, turns out, actual bars.

One of our fellow riders served as a hilariously entertaining DJ, and was even able to amuse over the Kid Rock blasting out of the speakers system.
We did get a stern talking-to from Barney Fife about unsafe parking near the capitol building and why he was "contacting" us.

But he let us off with just a warning and  we were able to do a fun group shot! Criminal repercussions dodged yet again!

Stuff Around Lucky Peak

In addition to leisurating, there was plenty of opportunity for photographin' nature...

...the lovely reservoir...

...the geologic features...


...tall weird birds snatching fishes from the water and gobbling them up!

OK. This does not occur in nature. And has no business being able to fly, frankly. It was super scary when it flew overhead. Other than that, a lovely partybarging adventure! Thanks fellow floaters!

Afternoon on the Partybarge

I should have been a private investigator. I easily spied this ride approaching the marina from afar.

Damned hitchhikers.

Speaking of soulless daywalkers, Shelby arrived for the afternoon float, and soon Dad and I were outnumbered by gingers.

The captain did get in for a while, but mostly the gingers stayed out of the water. Dad and I? Not so much.

The first partybarging of the summer was simply lovely. AND without sunburn too, if you can imagine.

The First Partybarging of the Season!

When we asked Dad what he wanted to do during this visit to Boise, he answered "something water-related would be nice."

We can do that! Pick up a partybarge and some rations, anchor up...

And enjoy the calm peace that is a morning on Lucky Peak Reservoir.

Which we're all pretty good at.

Our mighty vessel (taken by a very confident photographer on a floaty toy).

Even the captain was able to relax in the sun a bit, despite being a soulless daywalker.

 I do so love being on the water.


Oh poop.

During our adventuring in the Leslie Gulch, we had a blowout!

Mmm. Nothing like rolling around in the dirt under a truck. That appendage to the left is Dad attempting to assist in releasing the spare, not an impending pirate attack. 

I wish I had timed them. They were a good team, and quick!

There was no saving that one.

Well that's just pathetic and ugly. But it got us back on the road, and safely home that evening!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bryce Canyon of Oregon

I really love this neck of the woods.

Crazy awesome arches.

Hey baby...check out my huge neck...does my huge neck impress you?

I call this corner of the state the Bryce Canyon of Oregon.

There's not much protection from the elements out here.

I just love goin' adventuring.