Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome Stratocaster!

My husband has been in the market for a specific guitar for a while...and after searching and hunting, shopping and pricing, it has been located and secured!
Soooo shiiiiiny!


My husband is so rock 'n roll.

I'm kinda bad-ass my own self. ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oops, I Forgot One...

Lots of different colors of hair at the airport. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tall Wiener Dogs and Giraffe Pants

Kelly graciously offered to return us to the airport in the luxury to which we had become accustomed, so we taxied it from downtown over to her house for coffee and animal crackers before our return. We were greeted by these vicious mini-pin guard dogs.

Django doing his best Mister Beans impression. My husband told Django he was very tall for a wiener dog.

At four pounds, tiny Lucca is half a Miss Ginger. After about 10 minutes of us, she went and got back in bed... Whatevs wichu people. Turns out, she was actually more like Beanie. ;)

Love these little statues at her gate. :)

Then, back in the 'Stang for the trip home. I told my husband I'd sit back there with him, but no, he wouldn't have it.

I was just thankful I hadn't worn my giraffe pants. How embarrassing that would have been. Such a fun fun trip! So long Kelly! So long Denver! See ya both again real soon!

U2 360!

This is the largest stage set ever built! That black part in the center is a round screen projecting the show 360 degrees.

It projected interesting factoids before the show. The lumberjacks found them quite compelling.

It glowed in different colors and projected images of the band and graphics. It moved up and down and also stretched out from the top to the stage. It did not walk around in the stadium. I know. I wanted it to too.

I accidentally shot a pic in black and white, but it came out cool. Sorta war-of-the-worldsy.

I really wanted the show to end with the spire shooting into the air in a magical fireworks display. I'm needy like that.

I'm not the U2 fan here, but these boys continue to define rock 'n roll. Really a stellar, relevant, world-class show like nothing I've ever seen. Even at two years later!

Off to the Show!

So despite ominous pix, the weather was actually quite fine for the show. Maybe a little chilly, but once all the people were in their seats, I was quite toasty. I've never been to a show of this caliber... Invesco Field at Mile High!

This venue holds 75,000 people and was at capacity for this show.

The Fray was the opening band. I love The Fray. They weren't allowed to use any of the high-end special effects this monstrous stage set offered, but they put on a great show nonetheless, if a bit short.
My husband and the three lumberjacks we sat beside.

Proof I was actually on this trip other than as photographer.

And we even found Kelly at the show! She was down in the pit, but through text and section counting, we connected! I loved how many people in our section waved back to her. ;)

Our Second Hotel

Different from "our second resort," a phrase I used in February, and hope to use often. ;) You may remember that this trip was a birthday present from nearly two years ago, so we switched it up and stayed swank for the night of the big show...

Ooh. La. La.

The birthday boy!

Happy birthday (plus 18 months) my husband!

MORE Denver!

Union Station! I love old train stations. The one in Kansas City is particularly well done. We didn't get inside this one, but it sure looks fancy.

The Union Pacific Railroad and I go way back. ;) When Dad worked there we lived in LaGrande, sparking my appreciation for the high desert! Plus, the chophouse was fantastic!

Wynkoop was an early founder of Denver. I love these decorative street names in concrete.

I became obsessed with framing the view in the windowframe of our hotel. I took like 200 pictures of it.
Coors Field! I'm not big on baseball, but having never been to a major league game, I'd love to go! The Rockies have something against me tho. I've been to Denver one or two times a year for like 5 years and they are NEVER playing when I'm there.

OK, one more. I'll keep the other 198 to myself.

The Mile High City!

Denver is lovely. Boise doesn't have so many tall buildings really.

So skyscrapery!

Clever zoom photography by yours truly. ;)

Probably this one doesn't translate well. Try clicking for full effect, but I'm not sure.

I always forget how old Denver is until I'm there. It's ooooold.

And full of wild animals.

Off to Denver! FINALLY!

So, if you can imagine, the U2 show finally happened! As I told a few folks, I was going on the trip and I got sick of hearing about it!

Luckily, Miss Kelly graciously offered to pick us up at the airport so we didn't have to negotiate transit, or even rent a car.

Plus we got see and be driven around in her recent acquisition -- this '67 Mustang!
Which was good for plenty of messin' around on the street...

Before we went out for downtown tacos.

Seemed like an excellent way to start off the weekend. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In case you were wondering... on the Chicken Ranch continues.

FFF: When it Wasn't Raining

See that spot over there?

Yeah, that spot there, where it's not raining.

I want to go to there.