Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mexico 2013: Shopping in Tulum

Then, to downtown Tulum for strolling and shopping!
Three banos? Sign me up.
Tulum smooches!
I love this saucy little cochinita.
And in the last book of the series, in which Christopher Robin goes to Mexico and finds himself a bag of Pooh.
I was so smitten with this little white goat, i wish I'd acquired him. What with being a capricorn and all.
Best spelling of breakfast ever.
So many hats!!
The famed luchador mask. I think Tim and Stacey's youngest got one. It might be a career-building gift, you never know.

Mexico 2013: La Cueva del Pescador

After our vigorous swim with the catfish, lunch at La Cueva!
A couple of us discovered the delicious  chelada in on ice with lots of lime and salt on the rim. Soooo refreshing! My husband, despite his cheery smile, not a fan.
These two look like they were up to no good.
CR always keeps a eye on the exits. You never know how its gonna go down.
Ceviche! Plates and plates of CEVICHE! Yessss!! Best octopus i've ever had.
And then, the sadness.
All the ceviche is gone.

Plus it looks like my Kristin is giving me what-for.
Thankfully we brought our accountants with us. With pesos it always seems like hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It wasn't Mariscos Camel, but it was fun fun fun!

Mexico 2013: Haven't You Always Wanted a Mon-key?

One of the coolest things about the cenote park was the monkey!
 Despite his creepy monkey hands.
 Such a pensive little monkey face!
Well duh. Give them food, they will bite it.
Given that he's secured around his neck by this white rope...
 This seems a questionable decision.
So sleepy monkey!

Mexico 2013: Catfish and Bat Poo

We had the cenote to ourselves! Those black holes in the ceiling house bats that flew in and out of the area while we were in there, which was a little creepy, but mostly they didn't bother us much.
Me! Underwater!
We hung out for a while in the cenote. CR was lucky to happen upon this lovely maiden.
Hee hee! During our tour, there was a lot of talk of sacrificing maidens, so my husband got busy sacrificing.
Lovely maidens all around!
Ewww! Weird black cave catfish!!
I like that guy on the top, all stealthy-like.
 Such a fun adventure underground!

Mexico 2013: Snorkeling Akumal Cenote

Transporting 6 of us around was a little challenging. Two taxis driving us around would really add up. So we secured ourselves a van for the day! First up: Indiana Joe's!

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture, but these two look tough.
After we all suited up and donned our required orange floaties, we descended into the cave opening.
At the water's entrance we listened to our guide's joke about why we were wearing rashguards and he was wearing a wetsuit. He said "every time I get in this cold water, I think I should have finished school." Haha.
Despite being cavey, it wasn't completely dark, there were openings to the sky...

Mexico 2013: Kicked Out of the Ocean

Like many other evenings at the resort, this one started at the pool bar, or the "Not Sandwicherie."
Despite the signs that it was stacking up to be a keen night, the Arnolds retired early. The main sign that this was stacking up to be a stellar evening? A group sing-along on the beanbags to the DJ's "Sweet Caroline." Clearly the dance was in Tim.
The rest of us wandered back to the Sandwicherie for further revelry. Here my husband chats with the DJ. "Really? You have no Kenny Chesney? You know we're in Mexico, right? And we're the first guests to request Kenny Chesney? Huh."
 Let the dancing begin!
Best Gangnam style ever. I do not mean the dancer on the left.
And then we moved on to dancing with random resort guests we don't know.
 My god, the hotness.
Annnnd after a questionable decision to go for a late-night post-dancing swim in the ocean, a small altercation with security ensued. 

Annnnd then we got kicked out of the ocean. Such a fun night -- all we were missing was the Arnolds!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mexico 2013: Schools of Fish

Despite a pretty beat up and over-snorkeled reef, there are a lot of fish to be found, if you know where to look. These guys kinda freaked me out, with their stealthiness.
My husband I were working on "flushing out efforts," where I swim into a reef and push the fish toward him and his would be done in hunting efforts.
 Spines much?
One fish, two fish, blue fish, more blue fish.