Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special Borrower

Feeling pretty good about yourself these days? About to complete a major milestone goal? Downloaded some of that music all the kids been talkin' about? Got carded a lot recently, and not just by whippersnappers?

Yeah. Me too. Well, if you're looking for a remedy to that, head on over to your nearest college library. OK, first you have to find it. I find wandering around campus for 20 minutes helps. Hopefully they have little to no signage. Once inside, hopefully the little punk behind the circulation counter will be of NO assistance at all.

Next, bumble around at three different computers until you learn you don't have computer access on your "special borrower" card. Hopefully, after four or five trips to both the circulation and reference desks you will secure the TWO books you are allowed to check out on your "special borrower" card. Special.

On the way out, catch a glimpse of yourself in the window. Pearls? Really? Did you really wear PEARLS? Super cute at your geeky editorial desk job with that green wool sweater.

Nine-thirty at night at the BSU library? Not so much. Follow these easy steps, and you too can feel about a billion years old!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I boycotted homework this weekend. I didn't mean to, but when I got around to attempting to work, I just couldn't muster it. Instead I coerced my husband to a game or four of Scrabble. I usually query, "Care to lose at Scrabble?" but the reality is, he's good. Really, really good. I can rarely beat him. I usually lose by an average 10 points, and yesterday, only by 2 points. But losses nonetheless.
The sun was glorious.
The Dreadnought even saw daylight! As did Miss G's Magic Carpet.
I love the Dreadnought. On the deck. In the sun.
Magic carpet, sunshine, and a lullaby are all that's needed to send a girl (dog) off to a Sunday nap.

Soooooooo we start Week 5 in a bit of a progress deficit, but much more rested. And that has value too. :) Ten weeks to go!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Front Door: Day 78

Upon returning from fishing, my husband graciously allowed me to continue to work, while he ran the weed-eater around the Chicken Ranch. Luckily it's heavily xeriscaped, so there's not a lot of work to be done. But there is a little gravel. Remember our beautiful front door?
Yeaaaaaaah. So did the weed-eater.
Of the three panes, only the outside one broke. But boy did it break.
And break... and break... it continued to spiderweb and crackle for about 30 minutes.
Yeaaaaaaah. It's pretty awesome. Now our lovely door has a hillbilly combination of shipping and athletic tape on it to keep it from tumbling down on the neighbor boys' heads when they come ask for the ball they just tossed over the fence... which they do about three times a day....

Yeaaaaaaah. Just waiting for the quote from Home Depot. Yeaaaaah.

Gone Fishin'!

My sweet husband has spent the past two weekends off hunting the mighty steelheads. Alas, to no avail, but the value of leaving his grad student wife a quiet house in her last few weeks of toil -- that's immeasurable. Miss G, however, is not a fan of the truck packing.
New boots! The old ones were felt-bottomed and are now passe, as life gets into the felt and gets transferred around from river to river.

Plus, I think you want to convince the fishes you have no legs, and your arms are made of sky.
This was supposed to be the ticket...the "Willie Nelson." It's red, white, (hard to see) and blue...and has red hair. ;)
There's still snow up in Stanley. Lovely, but chilly.
And thus, Miss G began sitting vigil, waiting, watching the door until her boy returned. SERIOUSLY. She's dedicated.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Disco Dancing!

We did have a fun item on the docket recently: a fancy disco birthday party! And there was cake...! Tasty little bakery-crafted coconut cakes... and delicious husband-crafted chocolate cakes.

There was nail painting! A gift of what I think was "Absolutely Alice," a glitter OPI number inspired by the Wonderland movie that we all tried out.
And there was disco dancing! In the living room! The kids there loved it! When I was wee and it would rain on spring break at the ol' beach house, we were entertained by a box of sand brought in and dumped on the floor so we could build sand castles. Inside. Where it was dry. By the warm wood stove. And after we had all the sand castles we could build, just swept it out the door! So awesome! I think turning your living room into a disco and allowing inside sand castle building are just about the best uses of a living room I can think of.
Happy birthday, Paula!! :)


Not a lot going on these days... what with my final weeks of schooling and all.... nope... it's tumbleweeds around here... literally. Heh! I actually love tumbleweeds. For a long time I didn't know they were real.
Been doing lots of research online. It's slow going. Every now and then I run across some noggin-scratcher. In one of my academic journal databases I ran across this article: "How a Crayfish Party Turned a Swedish Minister Into a Poodle: Visualizing Political Scandal." I strive to select such a colorful title for my work.
My tiny red research assistant tinkers out pretty early these days. Lure of the couch in our office and all.

A funny little analog vending machine was installed in the lunchroom at work, the old-school kind that takes quarters only. A recent vend yielded this. Providence! Go Ducks!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let the Research Begin!

What? Haven't seen me around the coffee shop? I just don't call like I used to? Well I've been really attempting to not take my cell phone with me when I go here... to my swanky basement office.... where I will be for a while... composing my life's greatest work... to date anyway... Don't worry, that stemmed glass has sparkling water in it. Might as well use the company glasses when composing one's greatest date anyway...
Don't be jealous.
As such, here is the ultra-fancy Easter dinner I prepared for my husband on Sunday. Hey people, this took some effort: they were closed on Sunday. It's all about time management. One week down, 13 left! :)

"Fishing" (Not "Catching")

So Miss G and I managed to drag ourselves from our viper pit of blankets and germs, and join the others in a wee fishing expedition.
Ah! You know what I always say... Sparkly snow: nature's stripper dust.
Miss G is a very attentive fishing assistant.
While we were on the river, this mad sorceress happened along the bank, waving her birch branches around, babbling about eye of newt and casting spells on the fishermen.
No, not really. That's Carolyn. ;)
My in-laws' youngest son... In the middle of the Salmon...
No fish were harmed in the shooting of these blog pix. Nor in the ingestion of any dinner. But the retirees got some nice sittin-on-the-edge-of-the-river fishin' time in. Hmph. Blasted retirees with their wealth of sittin-on-the-edge-of-the-river fishin' time. Hmph.
Monday morning, they headed back over the Blue Mountains. Au revoir, in-laws! Thanks for the visit!

Impromptu Visits: The In-laws!

Art and Carolyn had a hankerin' for a little Idaho-y goodness, so hopped in their truck and were here...the next day! Gotta love that impetuous nature!

I'd like to tell you these two were admiring those gorgeous curtains, the luxurious sheers, or the glorious window craftsmanship...but they probably were looking at a dumb bird. ;)

When they called we said, "we're headin' up to Stanely, but you are welcome to come too!" So I called and got 'em their own cabin, and off we all went! On the way up I came down with some horrid malady that left me nauseous and mostly asleep for three days straight. Nice.
But you can't ask for a better view from your sickbed. View of the Sawtooths from our cabin deck. Click for the full effect.
Did you catch that? View. From our deck. The Salmon River. Simply stupendous. And about 14 degrees and sunny!
The retirees were up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. Hmph. Retirees with their blasted wealth of sleep and free time. Hmph!
Fourteen degrees is too chilly for tiny wiener dog foots. Hope she enjoyed the big bed..."vacation" is the only time she's allowed on one. And who wouldn't prefer the comfort of Auntie Poo's delicate handiwork upon which to rest their melon?