Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seriously, Google Ads. It's a Joke.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exposing Underage Drinking

My next journalistic expose: underage drinking. You know the kind....hittin' the Limoncello before breakfast...

A dirty martini with mid-morning cartoons...
Hittin' the sauce right under Mom's nose. Note how deftly he turns away from her, to hide this indiscretion.
Soon he can be seen carousing with MUCH older women.
He makes no attempt to camoflauge his age, as evidenced by his 5-year-old fist around the stem of the glass.
Ginger ale. Riiiight...
At this point in the bender, that might as well be a lampshade on his head...
The next morning, he wakes up in a cell, smelling like a dog. The future looks grim...
Thanks to this young man for helping clean up from the previous evening's neighborhood holiday party, and to his parents for allowing him to celebrate New Year's Eve and my birthday in style -- with stemmed glassware. I promise to take this post down before he begins applying for college.

My (Real) Birthday Party

No, not really! We did have tiaras tho. And yummy treats...including homemade fondue!
...and fireworks!!
Here's the Sponge Bob ice cream cake I picked out for myself! :)
Just one of myriad birthday gifts I received!
And I even got to use my Ke$ha tattoo! Happy 40 to me!!

My Birthday Party

OK, here's the short version of what happened at my birthday party. We all picked out some cute party outfits.
Which included tiaras, of course.
We put on our party dresses...
Made a pitcher of margaritas....
And that's the last thing I remember...

Millennium Lounge Redux

Soooo...on to the big New Year's Eve/Birthday bash! You aren't going to believe this, but Sister STORED the decoration items from the Great Millennium Bash of 2000. I KNOW! I couldn't believe it either! We used these fabulous items to begin preparing the abode for this year's festivities...
Including these fabulous glitter globes! Hung with care by the stair! ;)
We got our party recipes out... hee hee!
Of course we took a break for a knittin' class. We promote immersion in the textile arts.
Addison consulted with the new family dog, explaining how the evening's festivities would go, and asking whether they might make Bobo feel cramped or confined at all.
And lastly, safety precautions. This particular warning stems from one particular dominoes bash where my sunny sister, in her pale yellow sweater, couldn't locate a lovely scent, so took a (burning) red candle down from a shelf in the bathroom and promptly dumped hot red wax down her front. She's always claimed she didn't know it was burning. We laughed for easily 2 hours. We thought the then-pregnant Stacey was going to give birth right then and there if she didn't stop laughing! Luckily, this year sister heeded the warning.

Birthday Pre-party

Hahaaahhahahahahaahah! I bought this last year for my mother-in-law, on the occasion of her youngest crossing over into his forties. Alas, no more were to be found.

Next, off to brunch with my grandfather! When the bill came, Sister decided to steal Dad's glasses and do her best Jerry Seinfeld.

Dad seems in such despair without his spectacles.

The fam!

Later, the parents graciously took me out to a pre-birthday dinner! Here's us girls ready for a night on the town!


Before heading off to Portland for a few days, we met up with Krista (left) (and her stepdaughter) and our Jenny for our "Once-Every-30-Years Alternating Blonde and Brunette Sisters Photo." We probably took the last one around 1981. Hope to see you girls before 2041!

I got to wander around Portland for a while, and one of the few stores we don't have here.

The last few times I was in PDX, this was still a hole (not unlike the Boise Hole, Idaho readers) but it looks like they finally made it into...uhh...this thingy...

When I returned from downtown I discovered sister mooning over her newly-bloated perfume collection. Santa is big on scents.
And sister's crazy cat actually allowed me to photograph her!!


The day after Santa's visit brought a visit by this little fellow!

Who apparently has no qualms about using his handsome charms to nab waffles from the unsuspecting. You know what they say about the apple...

I think there's nothing creepy at all about that animatronic santa. No sirree...

I don't know much about parenting, but I'm pretty sure we won't see this exchange of expressions again. I'm sure of it.

I asked my husband if we wasn't just a wee bit embarassed about having someone else show up at the event wearing essentially the same outfit!! The horror!

Longview Christmas!

More beautiful Christmas trees awaited at our third Christmas in Longview!

Thankfully the table seats eight comfortably! Through the miracle of photography placement, my father-in-law appears to be a vulcan.

My favorite kind of brothers: in matching Ducks gear!

Oliver opening the AWESOME spy watch I found for him. :)

Louie opening the AWESOME spy watch I found for him.:)

Through the miracle of photography placement, my husband appears to be holding a GIANT wine glass. Merry Longview Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning! Never gets old does it?
Santa brought a BOUNTY of gifts!
I just love Christmas lights.
We plowed through gifts like a present-opening tornado.
Thanks for the fun visit, parents!