Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Morning!

The sky this morning. Makes me wanna hop in the truck and drive into the Owyhees. Or go to work... I'll definitely do one of those two things.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mom's Polycatylism

This is Polly, one of mom's three cats, and one of the two that are sisters.

She's named Polly because she's polydactyl. Which makes it seem like she might be a winged dinosaur. But no, it just means she has extra toes.

Polydactylism is called a genetic mutation, but I think it's more of a genetic superiority. I think she does too, which is why she sometimes makes foreboding faces like this one.

We did not stack these crazy paws like this, she did it... with her crazy superkitty powers.

Look at all those toes wedged in there! Polydactyl cats are often call "mitten cats." Their spare digits make it look like they are wearing tiny kitty-cat mittens.

They are also sometimes called Hemingway cats. If you ever wanna visit mitten cat mecca, head on down to Ernest Hemingway's estate in Key West. Not only is the tour awesome, the place is crawling with mitten kittens.

This is Polly taking a nap in the afternoon. She's sleeping like this!! Again, we didn't place her giant paw there, she did. That thing's so big she uses it to block out daylight!
She also has super catbrows. I don't think there's a scientific term for catbrowdactylism. Yet.

Her poor sister Patience is normaldactyl, and must resort to feigning paralysis and dragging herself around the house with one paw just to get some attention.

Stacey's Under-age Mac-n-Cheese Factory

Well, I regret to report that the abuse hasn't stopped. This time her pit of slave labor is being forced to produce vats of delicious mac-n-cheese. Everyone knows the tiny hands on these laborers are the secret to the best black market mac-n-cheese money can buy.
I jest! In actuality young Addison likes helping in the kitchen.
"Yes, yes... just a touch more... cheese powder... and it will be perfect!"
We all waited patiently for our delicious orange lunch treat.
The mighty Willamette... taken from the train, of all places!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Doors!

So, now I had two doors to stain, instead of just the one. I'm always so thankful we have this basement work room for door staining, deer dismantling... whatever we need!
My friend Oprah helped out by holding the stain for me.
So while waiting for the new door frames to arrive, and the stainer to finish her work, "The Shoulder" did some demo in the hall. To remove the dreaded textured walls that were there before. After my doors were covered, I did some demo too.
I "demo" like a girl.
The texture was dated, but not the appropriate 1939 they should be.... and mostly gross. Don't you agree?
Even the smallest demo job puts a lovely sheen of sheetrock dust on EVERY SINGLE FLIPPIN' THING.
But the new walls go up pretty quickly. And nothing makes a new space feel real like new sheetrock.
Sigh.... (That was the house, not me. :)

Remodel: Project No. 8 of 483

The holidays are over and our lead project manager got a clean bill of health on his shoulder... so back to remodeling!

This house can't breathe. You could almost hear its relief when we removed the last wall that was hindering its airflow.

So, next up: bust out the dining room. You may have seen this room looking something like this. Yes, Miss Ginger is allowed to watch the Dog Show if she's completed all her chores. The arrow points to the "marked" wall.
Or you may have seen it looking like this, slightly more dining roomly.

So while I was a the coast, my sweet laborer busted out the wall!! It's great!! He then installed the frame that would allow us to install this pocket door. Here it is in the "open position."
But after some consideration, we decided one pocket door isn't as good as two exposed doors, where the breatheability of this house is considered.
So we took down his hard work to prepare for the new plan! Here's the new view from the kitchen sink!! SOOO much more open!!

The River!

It was as lovely as ever on the Oregon coast, despite the frequent rains.
The river was really high. From all that rain, no doubt. The flora loved it though.
As did the fauna. Who came up pretty close to the house... before being chased off by... the vicious... chickens.
Did you know they still make these little fellows? I hadn't seen one in years. According to mom, his narrow orange band indicates a short winter.
Or maybe just that he's an OSU fan.
Back at work, I was snacking in the afternoon. What did this remind me of...
Ah yes. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Favorite Decapod Crustaceans!

On Sunday at the coast we planned a fun day of crab acquistion and consumption to complement our viewing of the day's award show. I love creating panoramic photos but they just don't translate well in blogdom. Click on pic for full effect. I spent a great deal of my childhood coming and going from one of those center slips... ah, the good old days.

But last weekend Dad and I just went down to the dock and bought some from the nice crabmen. This lovely maiden met us at their front door!

When we've captured the crab ourself, we always cooked crab in a big barrel in the yard at Uncle Arnie's beach house in Bay City.

This time we cooked them on stove. It was, mom and I agreed, a little more ghoulish.

And then, a quick bath in mom's unbelievably deep sink, which I covet.

Mmmm. I love you, decapod crustaceans! I love you, over-the-top awards shows!

Such a fun Sunday at the coast!

Happy Birthday Mom!

And next on the docket, Mom's birthday! We had a fun weekend of coastal touring and delicious seafood consumption!

Sister made this beautiful cake, the glow of which lit these lovely ladies perfectly! ;)
In the morning we took an awesome trip to the quilt and textile museum in Tillamook. We examined the exhibits in the current show, and played "which one would you keep, which one would you burn?" It was good times.

We stopped into the cheese factory for a treat and to buy some squeaky cheese! I got cake batter ice cream, which is WAY better than the cake batter ice cream at Cold Stone.
Then off to lunch at the Blue Heron! Yep, in honor of birthday celebration, we are sometimes dessert-before-lunch folks.
We all had their clam chowder. It was delicious!
Later in the day, off to Seaside for more delicious seafood! Such a fun day out being leisurely and touristy.
Happy Birthday Mom!
"That Amy, she can be such an ass."
Heh! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad's birthday. Happy birthday Dad! In honor of the occasion, a momentous event: I have received my first safety award.

For the bulk of my existence, Dad was an industrial electrician for BPA, so safety was a big deal. Even at home, "You kids put on ear protection before shooting that gun." Standing on a swivel chair? Hah!
It seemed like Dad brought home a never-ending stream of imprinted coffee mugs and logo-ed work jackets... "corporate" swag received as safety awards.

Flash-forward in time and space. Folks who have worked on this ridiculous project I'm on recently received a blue windbreaker with embroidered logo... Yep, my first safety award.

How long did we go without a safety infraction? 5 days? 200 hours? A million hours? I have no idea. Which president has bestowed this award? Again, no idea. And yet...Safety Award.

Can't you almost hear him beaming?

Plus, if I ever want to commute to Oregon and get a job pumping gas, I am soooo set.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I am in Love with the Color of this Sky. that girl furiously emptying her backpack on the sidewalk (during her walk to work), in an attempt to find her camera? Yeah. That would be me.

With the exception of a slight brighten, this fantastic sky has not been digitally altered. Honest.

Fancy, huh.

Opening Day Tour of the Renovation!

The capitol is open! The capitol is open!!

The capitol has been undergoing a major multimillion dollar renovation for as long as we've lived here...and it finally opened this weekend!
The rotunda! Such nice work.
Here I am resting in one of the side rooms, designed for political leisurating.

You'll note I'm wearing the fabulous magic scarf I received for my birthday from Chris & Sally & Ollie & Lou, which I love. If I'm wearing black, it looks black! If I'm wearing blue, it looks blue! If I'm wearing green, it looks green! It's MAGIC!! I LOVE IT!

We were not able to shake hands with the guv'enah. His office is fancy though.
Indulge me another ceiling photo... This one's in the senate... I think...
There were a ton of folk there, so we meandered out, the capitol behind us.
My husband, looking rather hoodlum-y.

Break From School Goal No. 1: Library Card

Finally, after two and a half years of school, after being sidetracked into buying furniture, I have finally reached one of my goals.

I have acquired a Boise library card!

There hasn't been much time for leisure reading since we got here. I hope to put it to good use.

Here's me in the stacks. I worked at the UO Allied Arts & Architecture library for three years in college... I know the official terminology.
And will wonders never cease! My husband got himself a card too! And even checked out a book!!

Everyone knows boys don't read!

My card is the fancy goldfish one. My husband got the one featuring the Bard.

And, he checked out what seems to me like the quintessential man book, the Pulitzer prize winning, "Guns, Germs, and Steel."

Happy reading!

The Forest for the (Frosty) Trees

Hmm... what do while waiting for the car to warm up enough to drive it the 1.5 miles to work... I know! I'll try shooting the frost... On my car. Compelling, I know. I like this one well enough. Frost on the roof of the Cooper.
Hmm. Well, I don't mind this one either. I was trying to shoot the weird little standing-up ice flakes, like little fish scales standing up on the rubber window gasket...

What the...Holy moly...!

Never mind the fish scales! I was focused so intently on capturing the icy fish scales, I completely missed the fact that I captured the amazing and fancy tattoo-ey frost on the windows!

Not bad, little $125 Canon, not bad.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Find the Wiener Dog

One of my husband's gifts from my parents was a giant, heavy fleecy "throw" that has a giant deer on it.

Miss G is a BIG fan. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year Older!

Stacey always says, "if you want your birthday cake done right, order it yourself." Hee hee! My husband had to work on my birthday, so I picked up this wee mousse cake. It was exactly what I wanted.

Despite being very sick, my husband mustered dinner out at a local steak house, where we also got free birthday cake. It was delish, so saved this one for New Year's Day.

In addition to this singing pirate card, my husband got me a new HD Zune! Which was lucky...I had just broken my pink one. Miss G was not so keen on the singing card.

JEWELRY!! Mom got me these new pearls!
A while back, Mom found me this awesome boot cup. Well this year I got the wee boot shot glasses! So fancy!
Another new scarf from sister! This one is much thinner than the others I've received. I love the yarn because it is the colors of Fruity Pebbles.
I promptly wrapped it around Toot because it smelled like Auntie Poo's house.
And one of the best birthday gifts? Getting carded buying wine at Winco on January 4th. :)
Happy New Year!