Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday: Sun Valley and Stanley

When we woke up Sunday, it could not have been a more gloriously gorgeous day in Sun Valley. We decided to return home via Stanley for the breath-taking views and to check on the snow levels there this time of year. First, breakfast and coffee at the Sun Valley Lodge and a stroll around the grounds.

A small sidetrip to Redfish Lake was snowy and gorgeous. I love love love the way the snow glitters when the sun shines on it. It's kinda like nature's stripper dust... ;)

We also stopped at Pettit Lake, which was more frozen over. Miss Ginger saw that I was on the rocks and decided that meant it was safe, and walked out on the ice!! GAH!

A short run in the snow in an attempt to locate a hot spring rumored to be nearby. When we found it, it was small and full of little kids, so we trekked on without a soak.

After a short tailgate lunch of olives, goat cheeses, spicy salami, and tiny sourdough breads, we returned home to a frenzy of laundry and online chats with school teammates. A super quick trip, but fun fun fun.
Three weeks left of the-course-that-may-kill-me, then three weeks off! Whoo-hoo!!

A Pirate Looks at...39!

Even though my husband's 39th birthday is on Tuesday, we took the opportunity of the weekend to celebrate early with a quick overnight trip to Sun Valley!

We left around noon on Saturday after assorted schoolwork and house chores. I had to be back the next afternoon to wrap work on a group paper for school, but the short break was lovely!

Here are the Captain Black's grog-flavored pirate mints I got him.

The panoramic view from our funny little room at the Tyrolean.

A few gifts to observe the occasion...including a new down vest and a book on hot springs in the Pacific Northwest!

Miss Ginger loves herself some motelin' and vacationin', the only time she's allowed to sleep on the bed.
Happy 39th!

Tiffany Visits!

Apologies for the lapse in updates, I've been off doing my very best to flunk out of grad school...

Anyway, Sister was here! Sister was here! We were all pleased to host the vacationing Tiffany here in Boise. She popped over on Friday night and stayed through Wednesday midday. Per her request (and my energy levels) we didn't traipse around the country seeing the sights, but instead stayed local and mostly just enjoyed down time.

Miss Ginger was soooo pleased to see her Auntie Poo!

We walked almost everywhere we went, except when we went to the mall and out to BBQ. We went to breakfast at Bungalow in Hyde Park where Sister and I shared the oh-so-delicious giant breakfast samich on Saturday. OK, and it's so good, we did it again on Sunday. We know a good thing when we see it.

Sister read a lot while she was here, getting up super early to read and make coffee for the whole family. So nice!
She has this weird phobia about fried eggs that have gotten cold, so when I found these tiny apricot-flavored fried egg candies, I had to get them. I did my best to hide them on her plate, her book, her pants, her can of soda, but mostly they didn't scare her that much, she just ate them.

I was able to take Monday off and Sister and I got my craft supplies and stamps out and spent the whole day making greeting cards, watching DVRed Oprahs and the CMAs, and having coffee. SUCH fun.

She was able to walk in my thrift-store-find Jimmy Choos a lot better than I am. Plus they fit her slightly better too. Despite this, they will hopefully be on Ebay by the weekend.

Plus, she was able to take this cute pic of us at the Poetry Slam.
We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. My husband appreciated having the TV to himself to play Fallout on the Xbox while we walked downtown to a coffee shop in the evening. Sister returned home on Wednesday after a fun visit.
Thanks for the visit, Sister!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks, Veterans!!

As is my usual protocol, I took the opportunity of Veteran's Day to thank my two favorite veterans: my husband and my dad. I also thanked anyone at work who might have served. Regardless of your stance on conflicts, or whether or not a veteran participated in a military event, I always figured he or she signed on the dotted line, and that's a lot.
Instead of making Veteran's Day a federal holiday, I think if you are a veteran, you should get the day off, and if you aren't, you shouldn't. That would make more sense.
Anyway, thanks!
~ Your favorite freedom-lovin' cake-eater.

Walking to Work Together

Have I ever told you how much my husband loooooooves it when I snap snap snap pics of him walking to work on his first day?
We walk a mile together, then he goes right half a mile, and I go left a mile. There hasn't been much canoodlry yet, but there was a little hand holding. :)

Tim Spengler is FORTY.

Whoo-wee! Can you imagine? FORTY. The momentous occasion was last week, and I had intended to mark the event with this fun picture Mom sent me (Thanks!)! Us on the couch together at Tiffany's birthday party over the summer! I took a similar pic, but the pic that included Stacey wasn't on my camera.
Happy Forty Tim! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Newest New Job!!

I know it seems like just a month ago that my husband got a new job, but GUESS WHAT! He got himself ANOTHER new job!! He's in such demand!

He wasn't looking for one, despite having learned that his contract wasn't funded for 2 years, as he was told. It was actually funded through...February. The interviewer called from a resume submitted when he was looking for the job he has now. He interviewed because you should always interview.

The day before his interview, the BLM began talking about possibly making a permanent position for him. Oh the drama! After some research, we learned that employment paperwork he had to fill out barred him from working for the BLM for a year, and from working in the same position he had as a Ciber employer. Ever. That made the decision easier.

Turns out, the interview went really well. We both got a really good vibe from this very small Vancouver, Washington-based company in a very interesting business: water valuation and brokering. AND the work is closer to what he likes doing: cartography. AND they were offering a 20 percent salary increase over what he was earning at the City of Nampa. AND it's in the swanky downtown financial district...if you can believe it, his new job will be even closer to our house (1 mile) than my job (1.5 miles)! Always gotta one-up me. Hooray! Car-free commutes for the whole family!

I have suggested we walk to work together, hold hands, and find a coffee shop in which to canoodle. He's very excited about that notion. ;) Livin' the dream, baby.

Halloween Part 2: Costumery

Even though I was at work for only 4 hours on Friday, I participated in the Halloween festivities by dressing up. What am I? I'm bad. As evidenced by the neck tat, the cigarette behind my ear, and the flask in my hand. Bad.

We got only nine trick-or-treaters Friday night...mostly the little neighbor kids. Which is understandable. There aren't any houses across the street from us, so our street is pretty dark. Tiny 2-year old Reece, dressed as a little lady bug, decided to go ahead and eat the packet of Sweetarts I gave her -- paper and all!

After trick-or-treaters, we went to the Wilson Halloween in my 70s get-up (you can't see my "Freebird" T-shirt, or my Cherokee wedgies, but trust me, they are fabulous) and my husband as "Bill the Broker" who has apparently ended it all. A cut-down noose around his neck and blood from where he was "cut down" rounded out this commentary on the economic sitch. I'm holding Hope's Pomeranian puppy, who we noticed was more like a Tribble than a dog.

We finished up the evening with Miss G and further wig fun. G loves herself a good wig. Happy Hallowiener!

Halloween Part 1: Casting My Vote!

Halloween was busy! As my big project was at the printer during the day, I took the opportunity to vote! Real, "go to the polling place and cast your ballot" voting! Ada County allows early voting for the two weeks or so before Election Day.

My husband went and cast his vote on day one or two of opening early voting, and it took him only 10 minutes! As I waited until nearly the end, I had to stand in this super long line, and the whole process took me nearly an hour!

Halloween Preparations!

We had a fun time preparing the house for our first Halloween in it! I ended up paying an arm and a leg for our three pumpkins because I wasn't willing to negotiate Winco at 6 p.m. on a Thursday night, but the ones I got were good sturdy gourds.

My husband did the first one, and I did the second two. Miss Ginger's lack of opposable thumbs kept her from carving, so I did her pumpkin for her.

I also hung up lights and some tiny paper ghosties. :o

Phew! What a Week!

Man, what a week. Despite the pleasant start of napping on the deck and reading a novel in the sun, I ended up putting in 60 hours at work and a good 10 in at school! Blech! But we successfully delivered the big project to the client a day early. Hopefully the long hours are behind us for while.

The unfortunate casualties of the past week were phone calls and peaceful walks to and from work...home cooked meals...and of course, sleep. Hopefully I can catch up on some of those items this upcoming light week!