Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spy Cam!!

My point-n-shoot recently suffered a near-fatal incident, falling about 8 feet from a window sill and crashing on cement. It still lives, but requires a bit o' duct tape to function. It made me really sad. So I replaced it! With this fancy new spy cam! It has a wide lens, and...wait for it... 26X zoom!!
It's my first camera ever with a lens cover!!
It'!!! I hope I'm not mistaken for a member of the press!! Wait...maybe I do!! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun on the Water!

What else to do with sister during her visit when its pretty dang hot? Head out to the reservoir and play in the water!
We bought a new sunshade that I LOVE!
Sister floating peacefully. :)
I nabbed the floaty toy that has the drink holder!! Hee hee!
Sister had a little quiet magazine time later: subject matter? Personal goals. ;)
We floated the Boise River the next day, just sister and I, but I didn't bring my camera, so the only record I have of it is this compelling drawring. :) Au revoir, sister!

Sister! And Pie!

To further assist with the independence celebration, sister arrived! Yay!! For once, I hardly took any pix at all. Among other fun activities, we went to see a play -- "Bat Boy," which was awesome and fun! It's an outdoor venue, so I made a crisp from my rhubarb and my boss's sour pie cherries from her tree, which we could take with us!
Sister made tremendous fun of me for making a pie in heels and a skirt. Miss G is not very handy when it comes to pie making. No thumbs.
The artist-in-residence for the weekend created this rendering of rhubarb cherry pie. I wish rhubarb would stick out of the pie like palm trees.
Sisters!! SUCH a funny play!
Miss G napping? Nope! Hee hee! Her sister Samantha! I sent pix of G's birthday to our rescue agent, who reminded me that G and her own dog Sam have the same lineage! Sam is only 11. But she looks just like G! Even fooled my husband!! Our agent's own sister has ANOTHER of these wiener dog sisters, Molly Lou. SO MANY SISTERS!
Artist's excellent rendering of Bat Boy. :)

Celebratory Ride!

After being trapped in the basement typing for so very long, I just wanted to get out an go do something! We opted to use the awesome mountain bikes my husband built for us last summer! Plus, one of the things I love about our truck and the design of the rack is the excellent built-in mountain bike rack! So smart!!
This is the bike my husband built for me that I love. Cause when you think "Fetish Cycles," you think me, dontcha? I'm all about the irrational devotion to two wheels. Yep. Hee hee!
The tires are an extra nice touch... DART!! Dart comprises the initials of my cousin Deana, myself, my cousin Rory, and my sister... and when we were little was the basis for our own little banking system: DART money, DART checks, DART credit cards, which we used at the DART grocery store that we would build in the kitchen of the beach house. GOOD TIMES!
There aren't many trees when biking in the high desert.
But I did find one to sit under for a bit. After our trek became the Bataan Death Ride. That road behind my bike? Went on forever.
We did chat with this deer for a bit. She was not very chatty.
We also spied this slithery fellow sunning himself on the road. Eww! Four hours and 11 miles later, we returned to town...having done more than type all day! YAY!


Hello fair readers! Apologies for the hiatus! School has ended, and I mostly took a little break from computing altogether! I'm slowly working my way back to functional. ;)

So, there has been a lot of celebration of independence lately! I began the festivities by accepting delivery of this bee-yoo-tea-ful bouquet of fleurs from Mom! So festive! So thoughtful!
And of course, the independence of our nation! We didn't go to the park and watch the fireworks, instead just watched from the street up above our house. I had fun trying to shoot them, but this ended up being the only one of value.
Then, I signed away my life, agreeing to distribution and synthesization, and then submitted my paper once and for all! Good luck little paper! So long higher education!
My lovely coworkers had a fun lunchtime potluck for me, including this...uhm...lovely chapeau.
And it wouldn't be a party without fake tattoos! Mostly I have been playing catchup on the items that went by the wayside over the past four months... housekeeping... appointments... errands...
But so nice to have my evenings back!