Friday, August 30, 2013

Pensive Boaters and Pirates

Captain Dad, being pensive.
Captain Morgan, being pensive.
While I love boating, and swimming, fishing is really not my thing. As such, there's not much of it I understand.
I'm not afraid to gaff a fool.
Notice the for sale sign on the front of this wee waterfront building. I'd love to know what it was going for.
Safely back on the trailer! Thanks for the fun and exciting boating adventure, Dad!


We were finally off on our boating adventure. Richard used to own this boat, so knows a thing or two about it.
I think you could surf that if you tried. ;)
Wind-blown sister!
Hmm. What's that gray sadness we are approaching? Oh right. The Oregon coast.
In a matter of looked like November.
Yep, that's me in my down coat.
Wheeler from the Water!

Failure to Launch

So let's drop that bad boy in the water and do some cruisin'!
So neighbor Richard came to help out, and we all hopped on. Though we noticed when sister jumped in and dropped her sweatshirt, that it got a little wet in that water in the bottom of the boat. WAIT...WHY IS THERE WATER IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BOAT?!? GAAAAAH!
I think the phrase the neighbor yelled was "OH MY GOD, WE'RE F**KED!" Tho later he had no recollection of saying that. He and sister whipped the boat around while Dad when to get the trailer, and I...stood around uselessly taking pictures. NO! I also asked the folks in the boat launch to kindly "MOVE YOUR TRAILER! NOW PLEASE!!"
Turns out there's a "plug" in a boat, and Dad removed his, but neglected to return it to its spot. But sister and Richard were able to get it back on the trailer in a jiffy.
Sister's hilarious face at considering a watery demise so near turning 40.
So we trailered it, let it drain, and turned on the bilge pump. We had taken on a fair amount of water.When I asked those folks to move I explained that we had forgotten our boat plug. "Oh. Yeah. We've done that. You'll only do that once."
OK, let's try this again!

Friends with Boats

You know the old adage... You don't want to have a want to have friends with a boat. (For me, this also applies to Halloween parties). Or in our case, a Dad with a boat will work too. So, to the coast, to boat in honor of sister's weeklong 40th extravaganza!
After we figure out how to get this stinger in the trailer hitch. Which was no easy feat!
Dad has a lot of motors. And outbuildings.
Such a fancy boat!
We took care of all sorts of maintenance items...
And then, we were off!

Welcome Goat!

After Skateworld, my husband trekked home, and sister and I made our way down to Dad's to meet the Goat! Among other things.
Man, is it swankified.
And that red is to die for.
The new owner tending to his baby.
He told me something about these being the "right" tires....that people want to put some other tires on this car, but that's not right. These are right.
Welcome to the family, Goat!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unbridled Hilarity

I took all these shots of sister in close range and none of us could stop laughing at how odd they all are. OK, some of us couldn't stop laughing at all. Loving Uncle Arnie's expression here too.
Sister having the worst time with her guests ever.
Sister, I said, stay away from those baby toes.
Sometimes sister hears voices.
The source of much of the laughter.
More voices, I surmise.

Lovely Little Luna

And I finally got to meet Luna!
Grandpa Uncle Arnie. :)
She likes the sparkles...a girl after my own heart.
Somehow she wrestled it away from me, so she could have it for her own. A tiny jewel thief!
BABY TOES!! Plus I love Uncle Arnie's random expression.
Baby toes are not for human consumption, sister.
Hmm. Sensing a theme.
TOTALLY stealing this super cute idea.
Such a fun little after-party!