Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh the Pagentry.

We watched the Boise Holiday Parade on TV this morning. I myself hate parades, but my husband is a biiiig parade freak. He'll do anything to get to a parade...up at all hours, sitting in the gutter at the crack of dawn, taking way too many pictures, he can't get enough of them. OK, maybe that's backwards. Anyway, we were impressed by the large number of pageant queens in the parade. Miss Idaho, Mrs. Idaho, Miss Idaho Teen, Miss Rodeo Idaho, Little Miss Idaho, and Ms. Senior Idaho, to name just a few.

Possibly next year we will go to the Holiday Parade in person. In our future explorations of our new state, we are also looking forward to attending the Spud Days Celebration featuring the Miss Russet competition. Our minor league baseball team is the Chukars, hopefully we'll see them play. I look forward to touring the Old Idaho State Penitentiary Museum, as I, like others in my family, have an unnatural obsession with imprisonment. Did you know the state dance of Idaho is the square dance? I have to wonder what others were in the running.


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