Friday, February 25, 2011

FFF: Portland and the Schnitz

After bidding the parents and the coast a fond farewell, off to Stumptown for Sister's Christmas gift: tix to the Sarah show!

I usually prefer redheads, ;) but my goodness, such a lovely date!

The Schnitzer is fabulous. In this pic is the box Sarah used to accept questions from the audience. I tried my dangedest to get sister to submit a question, but no go. So I submitted one. "If you could play with one musician no longer living, who would it be?" GUESS WHAT!! My question was picked!! Her answer: Jimi Hendrix. Not sure I believe that answer, a fun opportunity.
The stage was very Lilith-y, but lovely.
I'm not as good at this as my husband is. Short arms, I guess.
Such a fun show! xoxox!


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