Monday, July 2, 2012

Sour Cream with a Little Guacamole

And then next, two coats of Kilz on everything.
Then, ceiling texture. We added this bag of sparkles to the paint, but mostly that was a ruse. No sparkles can be seen. I think I rushed downstairs after work to help with the sparkles, and hadn't changed yet, because those rings don't normally come anywhere near paint. For I, am messy.
It's kind of a low ceiling down here, so the taller of us takes care of that.
If you took a cup of sour cream and added half a cup of guacamole, you'd get the color of the new paint. It's a small rooms so it had to be light.
Doesn't show up super well in pix, but the green is "Sculpture White" and the ceiling is "December Starlight." We both love it!
We've made such progress! (Note the vent in the duct!)
Ta-da! (Same vent in duct here!)
Yay! One step closer!


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