Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas at the Ranch!

The CH Holiday Party was Saturday night, and it beat the pants off almost any other corporate event I can think of...barring perhaps Tiffany's "open bar at the Grand Lodge where her boss got into a drunken brawl" of 2006. The event was at the 60-acre ranch at Bogus Creek, and started off with a brisk half-mile covered-wagon ride out to the site. A large heated event tent offered a prime rib dinner, country music and dancing, and the highlight of the event: the mechanical bull. [Note: the person flying off the bull in this photo is neither of us.] It marked the first time I'd even been to a company event and heard the phrases:
  • "Well I saw a six-point bull elk this year..."
  • "She's not from a rodeo family, but she's from a railroad family, and that's pretty close"
  • [Male MC to male MC]: "I wish I knew how to quit you..." Predictable, but pretty funny.
  • [In rather chilly line for outhouses]: I'm pretty sure there's 60 acres of men's room out there behind those trees... [OK, that was my husband.]
  • [MC to a bull-rider]: "I'm not sure how this rider's going to fare with that limp-wristed technique..."
  • "She spent her summers castrating cows"
  • "We held the wagon for you because they said there was one person still in the bathroom..." [wagon driver to the last person to board the wagon...OK, that was me.]

It was a good ol' time!


tibs said...

Just so you know...those were some of the most hi-larious overheard quotes ever! I deffo remember people at UI Moscow talking about girls from rodeo families, and I had no frame of reference for determining what that meant. I was like, "So they're in the circus...?"

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