Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shopping Adventure!

Saturday we visited our local Cab.ela's store! It's like an amusement park! Tanks of fish and dioramas of stuffed wildlife everywhere! It was the greatest sports and outdoor shopping adventure ever. It was there I made the realization that I live in a Big Hair State. I didn't realize Ida.ho was a Big Hair State, but it is, and a lot of that big hair was in that store on Saturday afternoon.

In the guns and ammo department, I encountered a small sign that read: "Federal says do not use 'pattern.master' with Cloud since they are conflicting devices. A patternmaster deviice [sic] might enhance a standard wad, but will restrict the flight control wad. The Cloud Flight.stopper wad works like a parachute to enhance the pattern (opens at the rear of the wad). The patternmasters works [sic] to slow the wad on a front open petal wad. There are no safety concerns if used to together, just performance issues."

Just doing my best to keep you all informed about that.


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