Saturday, February 23, 2008

And the Oscar Goes to....

They're finally here! The Oscars are on Sunday night, and after weeks of viewing and renting, I feel prepared and informed.
What I missed:
  1. The Golden Compass { I'm just not that into sci-fi, tho I am that into Daniel Craig }
  2. I'm Not There { was only here for a very short time, and didn't come back }
  3. Charlie Wilson's War
  4. Persepolis
  5. In the Valley of Elah
What I saw:
  1. Atonement { well, the first half was good. }
  2. Juno { witty banter a la Gilmore Girls -- who talks like this? otherwise, loved it. }
  3. Michael Clayton { wasn't all that for me. }
  4. No Country For Old Men { loved it. my nominee for best picture }
  5. There Will Be Blood { great acting, directing, and cinematography. found the story dull. }
  6. Ratatouille { loved it! wished it was set in New Orleans instead -- would have helped the economy there. }
  7. Surf's Up { story wasn't as good as Ratatouille, but the animation was great! }
  8. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly { not as uplifting as the previews pretend. }
  9. The Assassination of the Outlaw Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford { kind slow }
  10. Sweeney Todd { LOVED IT! barber chair duet was great! }
  11. Eastern Promises { yep, naked fighting scene makes this movie. }
  12. Into the Wild { how was this nominated for film editing? PLEASE. So many errors. I liked it otherwise. }
  13. Elizabeth: the Golden Age { on the docket for tonight }
  14. Away From Her { poignant, but depressing }
  15. La Vie en Rose { received the appropriate nomination. }
  16. The Savages { HATED THIS MOVIE. Billed as quirky and clever. NOT. }
  17. American Gangster { saw it when it was called "Blow." }
  18. Gone Baby Gone { harsh message, but I liked it. thought-provoking. }
  19. 27 Dresses { ok, this wasn't nominated for anything, but I accidentally ended up at the wrong theater, and it was just starting so I indulged. decent chick flick. }
  20. Across the Universe { mostly entertaining, but was no Sweeney Todd }
  21. The Bourne Ultimatum { eh. }
  22. Pirates of the Caribbean { special effects were outstanding... }
  23. Transformers { better than I thought it was going to be. }
  24. Lars and the Real Girl { LOVED THIS MOVIE!! }
  25. Lust, Caution { on the docket for tonight }
My prediction is that "No Country For Old Men" will sweep the ceremony!


Marie said...

Thank you so much for your film reviews!! You are so far ahead of me in your movie viewing. I will take your lead in deciding which of these to watch. I think the only one I've seen is Ratatouille and Pirates of the Caribbean 3! (Although we did also see Enchanted and Once, both of which are nominated for songs...) Happy Oscar viewing! You are well informed!


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