Monday, June 30, 2008

Miss Ginger Turns 14!

When we adopted Mister Beans and Miss Ginger they were the children of a divorce...but arrived with AKC papers, every vet record, and even pictures of them as puppies! Who knew refugees were so pedigreed! Anyway, June 30 is Miss Ginger's birthday, and she turned 14. It's not really fair to call her a short-haired red anymore, as she's mostly white these days, but it's still impossible to wear her out. Happy Birthday G!

For some reason she's taken to not only sleeping under our bed, but between a pillow and our bed. Whatever floats your boat, little dog.

To celebrate her big day, she'll even have a sip of cabernet every now and then, when we're sharing. Beanie was more of a Guinness man...


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