Friday, June 6, 2008

Poo's Visit: Winery Tour!

As Poo has an attraction to any tour showing how things work, are built, or are made, I was able to find a small tour for us...the St. Chappelle Winery in Caldwell! Not only was the winery lovely, we tasted 5 wines and were able to keep our fancy new St. Chappelle wine glasses! Earlier in the day we had gone on the Boise Trolley tour -- in one of those open-air vehicles designed to look like a trolley. We learned lots, and sister only slept a little dancing downtown until 3 a.m. will make a girl sleepy!

I've decided my favorite part of the winery tour was me, in the tasting room, singing Poo the song from the Cat in the Hat, with accompanying dance moves. You're sorry you missed it, I know.

Panorama of the winery

Sisters in the vines

The tour guide said the winery will slowly phase out use of the barrels. But they're so romantic!


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