Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skiing Weekend in McCall!

We were lucky enough to be invited to a lovely and long-standing, slightly belated "new year's" weekend outing to McCall with friends! SUCH FUN! And in a rare event, the entire family was invited!

Saturday we were off for our first adventure in cross-country skiiing. And Miss G was off for her first adventure in riding around in a backpack! Which she took to quite readily...after being wrapped in the down vest J received for his birthday. J, G, and Jen in the background at Jug Mountain.
I'm SUCH a ski bunny.
As I was one of the junior-most skiers, I was often at the back of the pack, so unfortunately nearly all of my photos are of the back of everyone, but this was our touring group...eleven of us in all, including the hitchhiker in the backpack. It was a lovely day!
Earlier in the day J and I had prepared a big breakfast to fuel everyone for the big adventure....from right: Eric, Jen, Ryan, Ed, me, Brandy, Caroline.
The Wilsons' dog Brew hooked up with his vacation fling, "purple monkey." Apparently Brew and purple monkey had spent a previous vacation together at this house. Aaah...what happens in McCall, stays in McCall....
J brought his guitar along, and so did Eric, who had received his first guitar for Christmas! So our evenings were filled with the sounds of lovely music.
Note which guitar-playing redhead Miss G is snuggled up to. ;)


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