Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cuppie Cakes!!!

I made cupcakes this weekend! They are for a fundraiser at work, but it was really fun to make them, and to just play. They are dark chocolate cupcakes with mocha cream cheese frosting and a dark chocolate truffle on top!
So many cuppie cakes!
A social philanthropy group I belong to had an event Saturday night, so we cleaned up a little, put on some fancy threads, and hit the town! Dinner, a band, and a chance to wear my fanciest rhinestone necklace! Can't beat that!
And I had to have my picture taken by these giant implements at a sign shop near where we parked. :)
And the weather all weekend was stunning, despite a crazy snowstorm on Friday....April snowshowers bring...?


Marie said...

The cuppie cakes are GORGEOUS!! And you and Jon look quite dashing, too!

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