Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sister's Spring Break Visit!

Well, sweet sister's Spring Break visit has come and gone, in the very blink of an eye. We had the funnest day ever on Thursday! We had breakfast, then we went to tour Mister N's workplace... then off to Sonic for large peach iced teas!

We spent the rest of the day shopping and gabbing and more Sonics, and then drove around with the sunroof open listening to The Cult too loud. It was spectacular.

Until Sister came down with a cold. Then we mostly watched a lot of TV.
She did muster the strength to attend practice with the Marmots, and they graciously allowed her to participate. While she was out on the field, I was in the stands enjoying a diet Coke while completely absorbed in my issue of O! Oprah magazine. Good to see that after all these years we are still firmly ensconced in our roles.

My sweet proxy Marmot in action.

Sister has a terrible habit of catching balls with her knees.

Very few people sustain kneecap injuries during Quiet Magazine Time.
After practice we went to Sonic and got ice cream blasts. It was super fun.

After that, there was a lot of TV watching...and soda drinking...and gabbing....and nose-blowing. :(

Then sister returned to Portland. Her unplanned sickness was unfortunate, but nice to see her smiling face!


Marie said...

Your kind of softball participation suits me to a "T"! I'd be in the stands with you reading magazines.

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