Monday, May 18, 2009

Stacey's Visit...Part Deux!

The next day we all slept until like 10 a.m....imagine the luxury! We had coffee and quiet magazine time in our jammies. OK, and I did a little homework too.

After a bit we cleaned up and put on some goin'-out threads for a wee tour of Lucky Peak Reservoir, then off to survey Boise's night life...despite Stacey's very painfully injured foot, which must remain booted nearly all the time.
Who isn't down with pupus and drinks at The Reef!?!

We had the continuing good luck of running into both prom kids (to the right of Stacey) AND a wedding at Berryhill, where we dined...and made asses of ourselves with our three hot servers.

Then some SPECTACULAR music-listening and people-watching from the front window at Pengilly's. I'm not sure how Stacey and I were even allowed on the streets, as we weren't wearing the evening's uniform: cuffed white short shorts and stiletto pumps. Silly us.
The next morning, more sleeping in, more coffee, more quiet magazine time, and more sitting in the sun before we were off to breakfast and a quick shopping trip to acquire a new chapeau for Stace. Meow!

She seemed slightly more rested and relaxed upon dropping her at the airport.
Bonjour, our friend!


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