Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dad's Big Visit to Idaho!

On one of the non-working legs of his summer travels, Dad came to Idaho for a wee visit! We didn't do the whole crazy tourist thing, and mostly left dad to his own devices. Luckily, he was able to entertain himself with shopping, trips to the local soda shop, and of course catching up on his newspaper reading

Here's Dad at one of the fine establishments we visited. :)

Dad graciously rode back with me to Portland in the Cooper, and even drove a couple of stretches...which allowed me to work with my NEW CAMERA a little bit!! Of course whenever we saw another Cooper, we tried to stay together.

We had a great breakfast at the cafe in North Powder, then on the way out the door we noticed a small vending machine that doled out temporary tattoos. Awesome! I was able to get a super cool pirate skull tat. Dad suggested we get another one for Mom....jackpot! a big ol' red rose "tramp stamp" tattoo! Nice!! Third time's a charm, right? So at the next mini mart, we offered up another 50 cents and yielded..Baby Minnie? Oh gawd. That was the end of our "ink" purchases.

We arrived safely in Portland...and then Hillsboro...where we met sister at the best sushi house on the west she is sneakin' up on the spicy dragon.


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