Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Pepsi Fun Center!

After some hotel room homework and a little nap, we were back at 'em... Destination: Pepsi Fun Center for stretchin' our legs, people watching, and of course, more corndogs. And curly fries. And corn on the cob. And elephant ears. And deep-fried Kraft macaroni and cheese. Most of these items were shared between at least two of us, but still...that's a lot of grease-laden festival fare...

While our pants still fit, we got our picture taken squashed into a photobooth.

Sister marvelling at the hanging mustard "bladder," and the ketchup one behind it in the picture. I had magical visions of a master race of hummingbirds that have evolved to eat only mustard from this ingenious device..
Wonder triplets powers, activate! Form of... temporary tattoos!
I'm not sure how I ended up the least tan in this group...
And for a brief moment before we returned to our room, the sun came out.

And with that, we bid adieu to another Rose Festival. So long sailors! So long carnies! So long bagpipers! See you next year!!


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