Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boise Christmas!

First on the docket: Christmas in Boise! Snow on the ground, our cozy living room, and the whole family was present!

Christmas dinner was venison, roasted baby taters with rosemary, and candied carrots...like the ones we used to get at Henry Ford's Restaurant, back in the day. It was delish!
Among other lovely gifts, I got this Pearls Before Swine calendar...my fave comic strip. I love the gators best.
My husband also gave me this -- one of two gorgeous sweaters I received. You could do a lot worse than having this man buy you clothes.

He received these awesome camo fleece jammies with matching "Dexter" henley... and this awesome new fishing vest with flip down fly panels... and the pirate glass at bottom right-- it says, "Name Your Poison." Hee hee!

And of course, a stunning new piece of jewelry! So sparkly!!


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