Thursday, December 17, 2009

Will this Project Never Go Away?

I've been MIA again. Stupid life-sucking project reared its stupid head again. Terrible management. Year-end goals. Attempting to deliver 1055 pages with too few people and not enough time. Sooooo stupid. Apologies.

Here's the "war room" I've been sitting in for 10-12 hours a day for the past 18 days. And will do so again this weekend.
Our ongoing list of to-do items. One of the ways I have chosen to amuse myself is to attempt to copy the handwriting of one of my comrades. I wrote two of the items to the left.

This is my part of the table.
Yesterday I was forced to invoke the Geneva Conventions. The third convention, Section three, Article 59:
Prisoners of war must be allowed, in the middle of the day's work, a rest of not less than one hour. This rest will be the same as that to which workers of the Detaining Power are entitled, if the latter is of longer duration. They shall be allowed in addition a rest of twenty-four consecutive hours every week, preferably on Sunday or the day of rest in their country of origin.

And the remainder of my roses stayed beautiful for quite a while, making the room a little more bearable.


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