Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello fair readers! Apologies for the hiatus! School has ended, and I mostly took a little break from computing altogether! I'm slowly working my way back to functional. ;)

So, there has been a lot of celebration of independence lately! I began the festivities by accepting delivery of this bee-yoo-tea-ful bouquet of fleurs from Mom! So festive! So thoughtful!
And of course, the independence of our nation! We didn't go to the park and watch the fireworks, instead just watched from the street up above our house. I had fun trying to shoot them, but this ended up being the only one of value.
Then, I signed away my life, agreeing to distribution and synthesization, and then submitted my paper once and for all! Good luck little paper! So long higher education!
My lovely coworkers had a fun lunchtime potluck for me, including this...uhm...lovely chapeau.
And it wouldn't be a party without fake tattoos! Mostly I have been playing catchup on the items that went by the wayside over the past four months... housekeeping... appointments... errands...
But so nice to have my evenings back!


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