Sunday, July 25, 2010

Celebratory Ride!

After being trapped in the basement typing for so very long, I just wanted to get out an go do something! We opted to use the awesome mountain bikes my husband built for us last summer! Plus, one of the things I love about our truck and the design of the rack is the excellent built-in mountain bike rack! So smart!!
This is the bike my husband built for me that I love. Cause when you think "Fetish Cycles," you think me, dontcha? I'm all about the irrational devotion to two wheels. Yep. Hee hee!
The tires are an extra nice touch... DART!! Dart comprises the initials of my cousin Deana, myself, my cousin Rory, and my sister... and when we were little was the basis for our own little banking system: DART money, DART checks, DART credit cards, which we used at the DART grocery store that we would build in the kitchen of the beach house. GOOD TIMES!
There aren't many trees when biking in the high desert.
But I did find one to sit under for a bit. After our trek became the Bataan Death Ride. That road behind my bike? Went on forever.
We did chat with this deer for a bit. She was not very chatty.
We also spied this slithery fellow sunning himself on the road. Eww! Four hours and 11 miles later, we returned to town...having done more than type all day! YAY!


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