Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Millennium Lounge Redux

Soooo...on to the big New Year's Eve/Birthday bash! You aren't going to believe this, but Sister STORED the decoration items from the Great Millennium Bash of 2000. I KNOW! I couldn't believe it either! We used these fabulous items to begin preparing the abode for this year's festivities...
Including these fabulous glitter globes! Hung with care by the stair! ;)
We got our party recipes out... hee hee!
Of course we took a break for a knittin' class. We promote immersion in the textile arts.
Addison consulted with the new family dog, explaining how the evening's festivities would go, and asking whether they might make Bobo feel cramped or confined at all.
And lastly, safety precautions. This particular warning stems from one particular dominoes bash where my sunny sister, in her pale yellow sweater, couldn't locate a lovely scent, so took a (burning) red candle down from a shelf in the bathroom and promptly dumped hot red wax down her front. She's always claimed she didn't know it was burning. We laughed for easily 2 hours. We thought the then-pregnant Stacey was going to give birth right then and there if she didn't stop laughing! Luckily, this year sister heeded the warning.


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