Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Marmot "Float and Bloat"

I participated in Marmots annual end-of-season "Float and Bloat," floating of the river and subsequent potluck and barbecue...tho regretfully, my own Marmot chose to not participate this year. Someone's taking me to float and play in the water? I'm so in. Of course we started with the all-important pre-float safety chat.

And then promptly engaged in Stop Number 1: a good old-fashioned water fight. I am taking pix from safely across the river with my zoom camera...I was unarmed!!

"The Boss" thought she could stay dry with her froggy no avail....

"The Mothership," captained by Coach Jeb and full of the young Marmots.

Is there anything better than recumbent on the river? I think not.

Stop Number 2: organized jumping from a log. Such spectacular form!

Lastly, Stop Number 3: Jumping out of a tree. See ya next year, Marmot floaters!!


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