Monday, August 22, 2011

Hunting isn't all Blood and Guts.

There's beautiful scenery....

And peaceful meditation trying to get inside the deer's head and figure out where I'd be hanging out if I was a deer...

Hard to tell here, but this is about a 70 degree slope. I was so tired by this point in the day I no longer cared that my boots were resting in...elk poop.

There's little birds looking at you like "Boy, I woudn't have climbed up there just to sit in poop."

There's river-side naps, and trout-viewing...picnics of energy bars and gatorade...perhaps a little dip in the river! Mine are the toes on the right, with the purple frost polish. Sorry, didn't have time to muster a hunting themed pedicure.

And there's lots of binocularing, which appeals to the spy in me. Hooray for the first hunt of the season! Even tho its hot out, I do loves me the summer huntin'. Guys tend to dismay that it ain't real huntin'. But I'm a big fan!


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