Thursday, November 3, 2011

Costumes and Fun!

Ginger Ninja was part of a group costume -- a roller derby team! Hee hee! We agreed they should watch my copy of "Kansas City Bomber" some time. ;)

I love halloween. People come up with such clever ideas. By the end of the night my little white gloves were tarnished with bbq sauce, diet coke, Red Bull, and lime Jell-O, among other filth.

I might have to add this to my favorite halloween pix. With this one, and this one, of course.

Goodness! Such a look! Someone must have unfastened their seatbelt without permission! Or forgot to use their little armrest ash tray. Hahaha. Remember smoking sections on planes? I barely do. So gross!

I loved my husband in the captain's costume. So debonaire. He couldn't see anything all night, but I love that sort of commitment to the character. I ran out of gold ribbon after the three stripes, so he was a First Officer, not a full-on Captain (four stripes). Sorry honey...but you've got four stripes in my book.

The host and hostess of this 9th year halloween party have an older house (and plumbing) with only one bathroom. Every year it gets overused and a plumber has to be called. :( Last year I might have had something to do with planting the seed for having an outhouse brought in for the party. And it was! So all night long I called it "my outhouse."

I love the motion in this photo!


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