Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Want a Job, Not a Party!

You may remember that at this party last year, the Red Bull girls showed up in their Red Bull Mini Cooper and their Red Bull backpacks, passing out chilled cans to the masses. This year these two clever fellows came dressed as last year's Red Bull girls... and actually passed out cans too! So clever! Pictured here with "Buzzed" Lightyear, who might have had some paraphernalia on him. ;)

Award for the "most committed to a character" for the evening was this 99 percenter, who occupied Irving Street all night, picketed the party, and stole firewood and drinks from the 1 percent. Hahahah! He was so committed, that's even his trailer in the background... "I bought it back when times were good, and I earned a living wage... now I gotta live in it!"

I maintain a costume doesn't have to be timely to be excellent. This horror flick duo killed me... Carrie (under that coat the dress was PERFECT) and the creepy dude from No Country For Old Men. So clever!!

On to our second party of the eve, more fabulous costumes on display...
...including ABBA. Hahahah! I'm still coveting those sparkly boots.

Lastly, this is blurry, but this guy's date was the black swan (she looked amazing, her costume was immaculated!) and he was the white swan. Hahahahah! Dudes in tights, never not funny. Happy halloween until next year! :)


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