Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Night at the Grand Sierra Resort!

 Saturday night's theme? "Yeah these are fake eyelashes, what of it?" Hahah. Fake eyelashes are hilarious.
 After three sets were finally in place...
 And the rest of our get-ups were in place....
 We hit the casino! Specifically, the "Wet Ultra Lounge." Regretfully the dancing-girls-in-the-pit are not well represented other than the one directly behind Shelby's head. And oddly, the Tailhook thing that was happening with the Navy folks in full regalia is barely visible directly behind me. WHO WAS PHOTOGRAPHING THIS EVENT? GEEZ.
 Hee hee! Mostly the lounge was kinda a bust. We danced a bit, and there was a minute when we thought the DJ was gonna go off on a Bon Jovi turn, but it was quickly reigned in. There was a kinda sad bachelorette party sitting in the back corner, each wearing pink T-shirts that said "Marcy's Entourage," or something like that, but mostly they were men's cut t-shirts with those weird velvety cut-out letters like you might get at the T-shirt shop at Triangle Mall circa 1984.
So we took our private dance party back to our room. We realized we hadn't remembered to have dinner! We had a few assorted snacks, but with no refrigerator (or coffee maker!) we didn't have much, so decided to get some late-night room service. (That apparently we had to pay for!?! WHAT? Hmph.)
We had a lovely late dinner of pizza and assorted other bad-for-you foods brought to us by a nice man in a black vest. After enjoying our meal, we had difficulty figuring out how said vested man unlocked the code for negotiating our linen-covered table through the entryway. Yay for Fake Eyelash night!


M-I-L said...

hot chicks. glass eyes?

Marie said...

You definitely know how to have a good time!

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