Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Road Trip: Winnemucca!

Shelby had a travel voucher she had to use or lose.
And this swankified ride that was in need of a-road-trippin'. So we hopped in and made our way to Reno...via...Winnemucca!! My first visit to this cultural and social Nevada hot spot.
We leisurely made our across three states in the first evening, stopping by the Old Basque Inn in Jordan Valley, Oregon. Hi Oregon!
We were pleasantly surprised to find that our $14 bought us the most lovely four-course meal EVER in this bucolic little burg. A soup course, a salad course, a lovely Basque cod dish, and wine. Yes, wine is a course. I listened to the locals rant about seceding from the union and the blasted governor for about an hour before I realized we were in Oregon. Oh right. That changes everything...
Our destination for the evening: the Holiday Motel. Hopefully you aren't confused into thinking it's a Holiday Inn. Cause it ain't.
Winnemucca is bigger than I thought it would be. but the vibe was what I expected.
I was not a fan of this mobile surveillance van tailing us. I know Christopher Robin wouldn't have approved either.


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