Monday, October 7, 2013

Girl Party 2013: #photobomb

After our standard Saturday trip to the spa, we cleaned ourselves up and hit the town!
Steak dinner out, then some ladydancing in downtown! Which was kicked off by a young Marine approaching us with a flirty and warm "Hey old babes!" REALLY!?! That's your line? We soon discovered he was VERY intoxicated, and soon regretted this opening line.
We encountered some interesting characters on our evening out, including this odd woman who photobombed this cute pic of our leos.
I might be a little responsible for some photobombing my own self.
Sunday, regretfully, the girls had to pack up and head back to Stumptown. But sister and Kristin were feeling under the weather...and then realized they could get pseudoephedrine in Idaho without the prescription now necessary in Oregon. So they each bought some cold medicine. Nothing like hooking up my peeps with some illegal drugs before they board a plane.
But before we headed to the airport, a fun breakfast at Addie's. It was funny to see Kristin in my Ducks hat...not her normal colors.
And just like that, Girl Party 2013 was over. :(
But we got so much gabbing and laughing and relaxing and gossiping and just flat-out good old times in. Girl Party is welcome at the Chicken Ranch any time! #girlparty #yougottabighousehere #angrywhopper #tiffanyislostagain #bestgirlsever


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#defgoingtoincorporategirlpartywithmyfriends #youconvincedme

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