Monday, June 9, 2014

Abu Dhabi: New Hotel!

O. M. G. SERIOUSLY. I've moved to a new hotel for the conference. This hotel, the Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa, is where we've brought a lot of high-profile business, so we got a sweet rate on rooms. This hotel costs us less than my business hotel in the city. 
And is like a million times swankier! And while I'm just a creative peon, I did warrant a 5th-floor room...of 7, I think. Facing the highway, not the water (featuring those mangroves) but I'll take it! 
My hotel room has a doorbell. My HOUSE doesn't even have a working doorbell.
This is exactly how my husband leaves the bath mat for me at the Chicken Ranch in the morning. 

OK, I joke, but I do so appreciate that that's not really outside the realm of reason. 
My old hotel is...over there... ;) SO LUCKY to have so many fun adventures!! 


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