Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Fame!

OK, more like off-and-on for two and a half hours. My company does an annual corporate sponsorship night on public television, where 16 employees spend the evening taking phone pledges during the fundraiser.

We were on the set from 8 until 11 p.m., taking pledges, taking tours of the studio, and partaking of a delicious spread of Hawaiian catering. The show on TV for the first part was a three tenors concert, and after that, a special on Pete Seeger. I was lucky enough to share a table with my charming friend Paula. When you took a pledge for more than $125, you got to pop a balloon on the air!

I took three notable pledges:

  1. A very sweet older lady who pledged $125. Later in the call she mentioned that she was friends with Pete Seeger. A little more research yielded that I was speaking with prominent folk singer and Idaho resident Rosalie Sorrels!
  2. A call from a nice man who wanted three CDs sent to three addresses: one in Ketchum, one in Seattle, and one in Manhattan. I asked if one of the addresses was his, and he responded with "They're all mine!" He continued: "Let's see...400 Park Avenue, Apt 6, New York...96421...Uh...does that sound like a New York zip code to you?" Uh...sir...if you live on Park Avenue, you likely have someone who can tell you what your zip code is, no?
  3. The guy behind me (who kept making bunny ears behind my head!) went on a studio tour and I had to answer his phone, and took a $2500 pledge!! The crew asked Paula and I to pop all the balloons at our table for that one! Whoo-hoo! I was very scared we were going to look like doofuses, chasing balloons around the air with pushpins, perhaps knocking the table over, maybe one of us tumbling over top of it, onto a host. Awesome.

We took in nearly $14,000 in pledges during our short show!

What am I looking at? Is that white dot an apparition? Is Paula trying to shoo it away with her pen? Madness!

A big thanks to my photographer, who spent part of an evening photographing the television. Hee hee!


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