Monday, March 10, 2008

Final Walk-Through!

We did our final walk-through of the house tonight! Everything appears to be in order. Except that the current owners NEED TO PACK AND GET OUT! She was on site during our walk-through (which I don't think is legal...) and wanted to tell us that she really loved the house and that they had spent a lot of time fostering good karma in the house, and that she was sure we'd be very happy there. We think she might not have understood how very much work she has ahead of her in the next 48 hours! GO! Stop gabbing! PACK UP!!

The chickens have been relocated, and they took their chicken house with 'em.

We know so many folks who have recently gone through this same process to create the next stage in their lives: Mom and Dad building their retirement wonderland, Chris and Kristin on their big Kansas Adventure, Aisha and Jason building their perfect new home, Kathryn and Stephan off to many folks know first-hand the challenges of transition housing...and the excitement of reaching a goal!!

I'm very excited for so much things! For walking to work! For living on the edge of the foothills! For having deck access again! For locating the other half of my clothes! For moving into our second house and our big Idaho adventure!


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