Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We Are Moved!

PHEW! We are -- for the first time in 8 months -- in one place. Yep, all our crap is on one plot of land. Sure, it's still in boxes, but it's all together! My husband moved storage unit one Friday night. We moved it into the garage Saturday morning, them moved the second storage unit on Saturday, then returned the U-Haul. We moved the condo in 3 trips with just the truck and the Mini on Sunday. I finished cleaning the condo Sunday night about 9 p.m.

We had rented a 17' truck, but upon arriving, they said "Uh...sorry, we don't have that one. Here's a 26' truck." Nice. Except that we couldn't make the turn into our driveway with it. And no one else in town had anything else. SO we schlepped all our stuff from the street. Which really was probably twice as much work. Awesome.

There were really only two casualties in the move: a clock radio that was dropped, and, sadly, one of the few houseplants that flourished under my care: the palm that Jan and Lance got us for our Beaverton house housewarming. It snapped under the gentle pressure applied to it in attempting to fit it into the truck. Not bad, considering. Sorry little palm.


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