Monday, July 14, 2008

Ground Broken on Bathroom 2!

Tired of my remodel posts yet? I am! But, as we do nothing but work, sleep, do homework, and hang or destroy drywall, we both best get used to it. ;)

With the arrival of plumbing contractors on Saturday, what was once my basement office will henceforth be referred to as Bathroom 2, to differentiate it from Bathroom 1 on the main level.

The contractors began cutting a maze of trenches into the concrete in the basement to lay the pipes for the enhanced laundry room/Bathroom 2's new toilet, shower, tub, and two sinks (one for the bathroom, one for the laundry).

Removing the old sheetrock and plaster. To the right in the photo is the newly exposed concrete foundation of the house! There have been no Basement Monster sightings to date.

Our (dusty) washing machine has its own moat!

The basement is now full of dirt, removed from the trenches to make room for the pipes. While we have had a few bug encounters, it hasn't been as bad as I might have imagined, given that pile o' dirt. The wall to the right is where my desk used to face.

Despite frequent attempts to clean up the area, our back space constantly looks like this.

Bathroom 1 update: Black vinyl decor? No! "Vapor barrier"! This room has been permitted and replumbed. Hopefully the inspector will come in the next week or so to approve both sets of new plumbing so we can seal these walls back up!


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