Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Not Big...It's Large!

My planning prowess again yielded us tickets to a sold-out show! Tuesday we enjoyed Lyle Lovett at the Old Penitentiary's "Outlaw Field" just 3 miles from home -- the It's Not Big...It's Large tour. It was awesome!

I have been lucky to see many of the classics: Willie (6+ times), Waylon, Johnny, Kris...Crosby, Stills, and Nash...and then later, Young...Eric Clapton...Dave Matthews (4+ times), Bonnie Raitt (PDX and Maui!)...The Neville Brothers (In Central Park!)...but I'd never seen Lyle. We just had to add him to the list.

Here's Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. He did a great job of engaging the audience and chatting -- which earns big points from me. He even had a local church choir perform a rousing gospelly backup on a couple songs at the beginning and end of the show -- nice touch!

We thought we might get rained on, but other than a few drops, it was clear, warm, and sunny! Thankfully I thought to acquire new Family low-back sand chairs!

My husband, at the moment when Lyle began singing "She's no lady, she's my wife." Uh-huh.

...And I can't remember how I met her...seems like she's always just been hanging here off my right arm...and I can't remember, how I ever thought that I just couldn't live without a woman's charm...Son, she's no lady she's your wife...


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