Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday: Road Trip Back to Boise!

SUCH a fun weekend in Portland! But all good things much come to an end. So, we piled back into the Coopah (the one with the newly lubed sunroof and the new headlight carriage!) and aimed her for Boise. While I took the west-bound shift, we navigated back home to Idaho.

While it's a long and flat trip, there's some gorgeous scenery along the way! And a lot less snow than there was in December!

It's best to have a wiener dog to protect your iced tea whenever possible.

Speaking of which, we also spied a wily badger, who lumbered slowly across the highway, as if taunting Miss Ginger. She'd have gone to town on him...had she been awake... (this is not a photo I snapped -- tho the badger in question looked exactly like this fellow!)


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