Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anniversary No.1: September 22 / 5 Years at CH!

FIVE years. Can you imagine? It's the longest I've been employed at one place...well, one company, anyway. I had 4 years, 9 months at ING, tho at the time of the downsizing it was generously rounded up to 5 so I would be eligible for vesting.

In honor of this occasion, I got to pick a gift from the online service anniversary catalog. Let me see...the binoculars? The crystal salad bowl? The electric weed-whacker? Hmm. Nope. After much musing, I decided to go with the pots and pans. Especially because the jewelry offering amounted to a dyed-gray pearl necklace or a watch. No thanks. And the color of the finish on this fine gift? It's champagne.

AND I'm now 80 percent vested in my least whatever of it survives the new depression.

But MOST importantly, today I acquire the ability to rack up 5 more vacation days each year...(earned as you go please -- we can't just give 'em to you all at once. Jeez.) Whoo-hoo! Maybe I'll use a day or two and my new pots and pans to whip up an omelet, or perhaps some mashed potatoes.


tibs said...

Congratulations! I so wish we could celebrate this milestone in person at Double A Date Night, but I shall toast you nonetheless whilst I talk to my ownself about all the Emmy dresses from last night...

"Hey Aisha, what did you think about Alyssa Milano's gear last night?"

"Well let me tell you, Aisha - I thought it was only slightly less ridiculous than Bjork's swan dress!"

Yeah, kinda missing you right now. My own insanity isn't nearly as engaging as your company, Miz Amy!

amy said...

Hah! She looked like the product of a make a wedding-dress-from-toilet-paper bridal shower game. LOVE that tacky plastic fan purse tho. If I had one I'd carry it absolutely everywhere!!

For you non-awards-show folks:

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