Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Both in for Another Year!

Our 8th anniversary celebration was such fun! Charming company! Tasty dinner! Lovely gifts!

My husband presented me with this lovely bauble! He was looking for "something kinda Idaho-y," and this beautiful inlaid mother-of-pearl in a gold setting fit the bill, as he thought it looked a little like rocks under water. I'm down with that...Idaho is among the top states for number of rivers. (That red thing on my head is the bow from the gift, not an actual accessory I was sporting.)

After our dinner at the Cottonwood (mong chong for her, prime rib for him) we had my husband's fave -- pecan pie! Plus a cappuccino!

Only for the fanciest of occasions do I bring out the plaid wiener dog purse...who appears to have sprouted a chicken from his head. He was coveted by all hostesses at the restaurant. Really! Stop with the stares, people! Git yer own already!

My husband was offered the opportunity to get his prime rib bone-in. Which means Miss G got one big anniversary gift her own self! She was simply tense with excitement!
And yes, we both re-upped for another year! Whoo-hoo! Catch you back here next September 23!


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