Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anniversary No.2: September 23 / 8 Years of Wedded Bliss!

The second anniversary in one week! The excitement! Here are the 3 addendums to our vows. OK...most were created by me.

1. When an orange is peeled in proximity, the peeler must pass over one slice of orange. Who can resist the smell of a freshly peeled orange? I just want one slice!!

2. A can enter my husband in any contests or drawings she sees fit, without explicit permission. Not feats of strength, but chances to win trips or concert tickets.

3. We each have to agree to only 1 year of marriage at a time.* Forever seems like a long time, but 1 year is bite-sized and doable! We learn each year on September 23 whether the other has decided to re-up for another year. The suspense! I really think there's an excellent chance we're gonna be in for the 2008/2009 season!

Here's a pic of us at said hitchin'. It's still on our photographer's Web page, so I have quick access to it. :) (As is one of me in my bathrobe. Nice.) You know, 8 is big-time lucky in China...and we are celebrating our 8th anniversary in 2008. Seems extry lucky! Happy anniversary to us!

* Years of marriage must be consecutive. No signing up for another year 3 years from now.


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