Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday: Sun Valley and Stanley

When we woke up Sunday, it could not have been a more gloriously gorgeous day in Sun Valley. We decided to return home via Stanley for the breath-taking views and to check on the snow levels there this time of year. First, breakfast and coffee at the Sun Valley Lodge and a stroll around the grounds.

A small sidetrip to Redfish Lake was snowy and gorgeous. I love love love the way the snow glitters when the sun shines on it. It's kinda like nature's stripper dust... ;)

We also stopped at Pettit Lake, which was more frozen over. Miss Ginger saw that I was on the rocks and decided that meant it was safe, and walked out on the ice!! GAH!

A short run in the snow in an attempt to locate a hot spring rumored to be nearby. When we found it, it was small and full of little kids, so we trekked on without a soak.

After a short tailgate lunch of olives, goat cheeses, spicy salami, and tiny sourdough breads, we returned home to a frenzy of laundry and online chats with school teammates. A super quick trip, but fun fun fun.
Three weeks left of the-course-that-may-kill-me, then three weeks off! Whoo-hoo!!


tibs said...

You know, it's pics like these that make me realize that maybe, just maybe, I COULD learn to navigate successfully in snow. GORGEOUS!

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